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Posted by pastorJohn | Nov 10, 2010 @ 01:09 PM | 1,864 Views
Am I the only one who feels like the majority of my time is spent waiting for parts to make repairs? Something tells me that if I were to look over all of the time I have owned RC equipment, I would discover that I have a pretty good ratio of flight time to bench time. I realize that when the parts get here, a very few minutes to an hour or two of work has everything ready to go. Then, a few battery packs later, or in my olden days a jug of nitro fuel later, I find my beautiful aircraft on or in the ground at a terrifying angle.

Maybe the problem is that my hobby is last on the list of priorities for funding. I live in Maine. I just can't justify putting off buying my daughter winter boots that fit, or getting my son a hat that will keep his ears from falling off with frostbite just for the sake of a couple of good servos or a "rock solid" gyro. So, I don't have a beautiful stable of aircraft. I have one, and an old relic packed in the corner that I can't afford to outfit and put in the air again. I am still very thankful to have what I have. The fact that my wife willingly lets me own them is a beautiful mark of grace on her part.

And so, it seems that a good part of my hobby time is at the mercy of gusts, mistaken stick inputs, servo breakdowns, and lack of skill in putting my cherished aircraft into the air and back on the ground again with the same total number of pieces, all in the same places as when they started.

It sometimes gets bad...Continue Reading
Posted by pastorJohn | Nov 07, 2010 @ 05:12 PM | 2,131 Views
OK, so the prefix says discussion. That can be dangerous. However, I didn't like having an empty blog, so here it goes. This may not be a very interesting read, but I guess I am just posting to see if this works for me in some way.

I started flying RC at the beginning of the 1990's. I flew a Gentle Lady sailplane thanks to lessons from a great guy at our local club. I later added a .40 size 3-channel trainer that was a BLAST to fly. It may not be what the high end 3D guys fly, but I still remember almost 20 years later the sound of the engine and the smell of nitro fuel. I remember startups with a chicken stick made from a piece of broom handle cut to length, and playing with the needle valve to keep it from either choking or spluttering out in flight. And, lots of paper towels to clean it all up before it went back in the car. I had such a good time watching the other flyers at the field, and a good sense of cameraderie and friendship. For a quiet fellow with weak - at best - social skills, it was a good starting point for learning to make friends with strangers.

In '94 I moved back to Canada and had to leave the hobby stuff behind. Eventually I sold it off for a VERY needed hard drive to keep my office computer running. I thought that was the end of it for me.

Move forward to 2007 or 2008 and I discovered a little extra cash on hand and saw an ad for a Honey Bee King V2. It even came fully equipped and ready to fly. WOW! Bought it, got it, started...Continue Reading