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Posted by austinman | Nov 21, 2010 @ 08:52 PM | 3,494 Views
Finally! Ok, a few weeks ago the next step was to connect the motor to the esc, simple right? Turns out the electrifly esc had different connectors than the electrifly motor, so we put the included connectors from the motor on the esc. I positioned the esc inside the motor box so plenty of air can get to it, hopefully it won't block off too much airflow to the battery. The cowl was put on so that it fit perfectly against the canopy hatch, and we poked starter holes into the cowl tabs on the other side. The screws were put in. Now that the cowl was on, it was clear the shaft we had bought was way too short, so we ordered two from hobby lobby, an aeronaut and a no-name (neither had good descriptions so we hoped at least one would work). Apparently the aeronaut shaft was out of stock, so we only recieved the no name shaft. It fit our requirements perfectly, with room to spare. But, the prop wouldn't fit on all the way because it fit so perfectly that it would only go on over the threads, and the threads didn't go far enough back. So we found the matching tap for the nut included with the shaft and used the matching die to extend the threads. Perfect. The shaft extension was thread locked on the motor shaft.

A while later with just the esc connected to the reciever I ran up the motor to make sure it was spinning the right way, and put the prop on. Just to be safe, I ran the motor up with the prop on outside. The shaft seemed to be bent slightly because the whole plane...Continue Reading
Posted by austinman | Aug 08, 2010 @ 04:04 PM | 3,516 Views
Insane Foamies Yak Backyard Fun (4 min 14 sec)

I finally got around to editing this video. All I did is take my Go Pro Hero and stick on the brim of my hat, and besides feeling like you are really high up, you actually see mostly what I see. The electronics were stripped off of a terribly beat up, heavy E-flite Sobre. The plane flies good, not amazing or bad, but I bet there are foamies that fly even better. More info about the video itself on youtube.

Set up:

E-flite Park 370 motor
Electrifly SS-12 esc
Hyperion G3 CX 1100mah batts (got to love the 5c charge rates)
HS-55 servos all around

Thanks for looking,
Posted by austinman | Aug 05, 2010 @ 04:34 PM | 3,746 Views
Just thought it would be another cool thing to add to my blog! The most posts I've seen so far was 40,000 something, I've got a long way to go lol!
Posted by austinman | Aug 04, 2010 @ 12:54 PM | 4,074 Views
The next step was to mount the motor box, but before that my dad felt that the side-walls of the box might collapse in extremely high vertical g's, such as in a wicked knife edge spin, so he epoxied some carbon fiber strips to the sides in such a way that it took the stress off of the thin side walls. I then twisted the mount till it finally popped in, it actually fit so snugly I had to be careful not to snap any of the hooks off while trying to put it in.

We twisted it a little so that there were gaps around the edges and dripped thin epoxy (not C.A.) in them. I tapped the motor mount back in place and cleaned up any of the excess epoxy with a Q-tip. The epoxy still hadn't dried so we put some more on the edges and put the included balsa triangles in place. The triangles didn't fit tight at the upper part with the carbon fiber sticking out, so we slid them down a little

After the epoxy dried we test fit the X-mount (that came with the motor) on the fire wall. The holes didn't line up. We took the fuselage, motor, and motor hardware to the hobby shop and tried every mount they had down to an e-flite 370 size mount and none of the holes lined up with the motor OR the fire wall.

After much thought on motor and x-mount positioning we decided to size and cut two plywood squares to the size of the front and back of the fire wall, and glue them on so that we could do a custom mounting pattern. I first used a piece of card board and held it up to the fire wall, and...Continue Reading
Posted by austinman | Jul 15, 2010 @ 12:53 PM | 4,398 Views
My brother and I got this plane for our birthday last year and are almost done.
Our setup:

Electrifly Rimfire 35-36-1200 (.15)
Silver Series 45 esc
4x hs-65hb servos
Hyperion G3 3s 2100mah lipo
AR-6200 reciver

And as always the (some what) reliable DX6i

We have hinged all control surfaces, glued both stabilizers, mounted all servos and control horns, and glued on the tail wheel. I temporarily put the wings and cowl on, and thought it looked so good (for the most part ) that I had to take pictures of it!...Continue Reading
Posted by austinman | Jun 24, 2010 @ 09:57 PM | 4,139 Views
Well, there always has to a first to every thing, so here is my first blog post . I think I should first off thank every one who has generously helped teach me new things in the rc world in particular some of the people over at the 495th RC Squadron, Tewskbury, MA. I've got time so here's the story from the beginning: (get ready, I like to write a lot)

My brother and I bought a used T-rex 450se "V-1.5" off the classifieds here at RCG last summer (2009), and it flew fine and every thing (I had plenty of experience with the sim, so no trouble with handling) but soon we got involved in school, no time to fly. My dad is only really an expert with planes, so my brother and I were on our own with it. We opened the case this spring, looked fine to me, so we packed up our lipos ect. and went over to the local high school to fly, and when I took off, the tail was wagging like crazy (turns out there was a few striped teeth in the belt, but I never noticed) and to top it off about 30 seconds later one of the main blades flew off and cut my leg a little. No biggie, went home and lock-tighted the blade back on.

Next day, we went back and when I took off it instantly started pirouetting too fast to control (it was the stuck on the part of the belt with no teeth) so I carefully set it down, but still broke both blades in half, and messed the tail boom up. That wasn't good. So I looked at all of the rc clubs in our area wanting to get help from an expert and saw that the 495th...Continue Reading