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Posted by tshero | Oct 31, 2010 @ 04:18 AM | 3,017 Views
Well, getting there on the FW-190 but doubt to have her done before the snow flies. Started having trouble with my left hand and ended up having surgery to replace a collapsed artery in my palm. It is a slow go now.

I decided to switch from gas back to glow and have installed an FS-200S pumped. So far so good with that choice.

Just put an EMS onboard glow driver on it as well, overkill but I like the simplicity. Also pulled out the air retracts and replaced them with Lado electric units...............................sweet. Easy to install and work great.
Posted by tshero | Sep 07, 2010 @ 01:46 PM | 2,991 Views
Well, she's getting there finally. Had chosen a gas motor, but having issues with it so decided to pick up an FX 160. Also dropping the air retracts and having Lado's installed. This one's taking a while but hopefully she'll be a great flier.
Posted by tshero | Aug 19, 2010 @ 06:53 PM | 4,134 Views
Well got my pilot in today and he fits perfectly.
Posted by tshero | Aug 18, 2010 @ 07:34 PM | 3,370 Views
Finally got out today to fly this plane. I have installed a alum. spinner, larger prop and have the flaps set up as well. I decided since I have experience to remove the wing droops as well.

It took a bit of runway to get the plane up, and quite a bit of trim to the ailerons but the first flight was a success. Will have to look at my flaps and see if one is out of wack. The second and third flights were uneventful, this thing flies like it is on rails. I have Realflight and had downloaded one of the PTS files from Knife Edge, this was very helpful and the plane flies the same as the sim version. I was able to set up my radio with all the expo. on the sim. Heavy thumbs here.

The only thing I would like is a DX7 radio so I could have two settings for the flaps. I tried full flaps one on take off and while the plane did jump off the runway it was a bit to much.

I also had one of the gear break the supporting area where it goes into the wing. Was rather surprised at this because none of my landings were that hard. Will have to do some surgery to see what all is broke and make repairs.
Posted by tshero | Aug 17, 2010 @ 03:28 PM | 5,032 Views
Well, after finishing the cockpit for the FW-190 yesterday I decided this am to get the rest of the air unit in for the ESM retracts. All went well, until I tried to use them. JUNK, as I was warned. They leak, at 80lbs they hardly work and at 100lbs they just about put the wheels through the wing. This is my first set of air retracts and am wondering if this is common or if a set of the higher priced Sierra retracts would operate smoother? Feel free to chime in please. If I go with the Sierra units I will also be replacing everything else with Robart hardware. This was an expensive lesson learned, and now have a set of retracts for the junk pile.
Posted by tshero | Aug 16, 2010 @ 08:03 PM | 3,292 Views
Well, I love flying the bigger planes but to run them and convert them to electric is getting pricey. Made the decision about a month ago to pick up the H9 P-51 Mustang, nitro powered. Between work and the weather i haven't gotten her maiden in yet, but am glad I made the switch.

I've also purchased my next ARF to put together. Last week finally managed to get my hands on the EMS FW-190. The plane is a beauty and so far the build is going well. Have made a few modifications to the hardware and stuff but nothing major. Added a more scale tailwheel and also have put in a DBalsa cockpit kit. That was a challenge in itself, but I am happy with my results so far. Just got in my paints so that will be the next step along with finishing up the air retract installation.
Posted by tshero | May 21, 2010 @ 12:12 AM | 3,429 Views
I have purchased and built the H9 Blue Nose Mustang, but know I need to work more on my skills before I dare to fly this plane. One of my favorites is the FW-190 but was having trouble finding one I liked close to the size of the P-51. After some searching I ran across the H and M Performance plane, but they were out of business and the planes were getting tought to find. I managed to post on a thread here and had one, NIB, offered to me and I soon grabbed it up. A day later, ther thread starter who had built the plane and modded the heck out of it put his up for sale. It had never been flown, but all the detail work he did on it was amazing. I HAD to have it, but I am in Western NY and the plane is in Cali. The plane was built and only the main wing could be removed to ship. We worked it out and soon I had the plane........and then the problems started. The builder had filled in the wings with balsa, and as soon as it got here it all started to come apart. Seems the plane had dried out in the Cali. climate and once it got here in the humidity it became a sponge. Luckily I had the NIB plane and painted up that main wing to match. After installing all the electronics it was time to balance the plane.........................and it wouldn't. I could have added a brick in the nose and it still would have been tail heavy. I was just about ready to throw in the towel when I realized the builder had also done some modifications to the rudder and also filled in the rear stabilizer with depron. What to do? Hacksaw time I cut off his tail and replaced it with my stock one. Finally she balanced. Last week I was able to get in a maiden, and my hopes were not very high seeing how butchered this Butcher Bird was. To my amazement she flew like a champ only needing three clicks of up elevator to trim her in. The hard work payed off and this is currently my favorite plane.
Posted by tshero | May 20, 2010 @ 11:54 PM | 3,402 Views
About a year went by with no flying, and my wife and I would joke every calm day that it was perfect to head to the field. I was missing it and decided to take a new approach. I loved the foamies, but never got a handle on my flying skills. I think because the parts were so cheap and the foam easy to repair I really never cared if I crashed...............................Solution.... ......................BALSA!!!!!!!!!!

I went out and dumped down the money for the E-flite T-34 PTS. Ugly plane in my opinion but not something that I wanted to do a lawn dart with. I also found some local club fields to fly at knowing that I would not want to look like an idiot. It worked. Managed to get 10 great flights in late last year before the snow flew. I did upgrade the power system, but kept it within my ability. I also purchased the GP Sequence and flew that once, folding up the gear on a perfect landing. Didn't matter though, I was hooked on warbirds.

This year our flying season started a bit late, a very wet spring......and windy. When I finally did get a chance to fly the T-34 the field was in rough shape. I knew I should have packed it up but I gave it a shot................right into a fence on take-off. She's all repaired though and ready to go.
Posted by tshero | May 20, 2010 @ 11:42 PM | 3,489 Views
After tearing up my share of T-28's I began to eye the new Corsair that had just been released. She was a beauty and soon I had one in my hangar. Wanted her to look a bit different so I picked a black theme used during the Korean War. I loved this plane and with my skills getting better really enjoyed it, until I started upgrading the motor and ESC. There I was again flying like a fool and before you knew it I snapped the wings off of her about 200' up. That was that. The economy was also starting to take a turn at this time so I threw in the towel and sold off everything I had. I was done with this hobby!!!!!
Posted by tshero | May 20, 2010 @ 11:36 PM | 3,334 Views
Seeing as I was happy with the quality of the HZ Cub I decided to purchase the T-28 Trojan as my next plane. At the time there were issues with the ESC's and motors in a few planes so I went out and upgraded them both. Of course a few notches better for speed. It took me a while to get up the nerve to fly, but when I did I was amazed at this plane. Again I did a bunch of upgrades to them and shot some videos as well.

Soon though I was tearing up planes about every time I flew. I was so worried about building and the mods that I was not concentrating on learning to fly properly. I went out and bought a Realflight, and worked on my skills.
Posted by tshero | May 20, 2010 @ 11:26 PM | 3,276 Views
After selling off the slot cars I went a while doing nothing until one day at work a co-worker mentioned he had purchased a plane. I was amazed at how far they had come and also at the price. That weekend I was off to the LHS and that was that. I came home with the HZ SuperCub. Before flying I decided I would paint her up, first mistake. I decided on a dark green, painted her up and set the wing outside in the hot sun to dry. Well, unknown to me the wing had warped in the heat. This made the plane impossible to fly and after many attempts I became frustrated. That's when I joined RCGroups and hit the threads. I figured out my problem and was soon in the air. The threads also showed me all the mods, brushless, LiPo's ailerons.......................................... ............off to work I went. I also got into shooting video's. You can see them on YouTube under toddshero.

I enjoyed the Cub for a while, but wanted more!!!
Posted by tshero | May 20, 2010 @ 11:18 PM | 3,280 Views
Well, recently I had to write a few words about myself to go along with an application to join a local club. It was kind of interesting going back through my short time in this hobby, 3 years, and looking at the planes and projects I've done. Figured I'd start a bog to show where I've been and what I am working on now.

First about me. I've been a machinist for the past 20 years and have been lucky enough to have held down a job in this tough economy. Many of my friends have had to move on to different trades, or are still looking for work.

I've had a ton of hobbies over the years. RC cars, real drag racing car that I built, model rockets and slot cars along with modeling. They were all great but just didn't last long. Out of them all the drag racing was the funest and it was quite rewarding to actually build a car and motor and race it. My divorce ended that fun though. Rocketry was a "blast" but the paperwork and FAA clearance to launch the bigger rockets got old real fast. Finally slot cars had my interest and building the track was another great project, but round and round and round..........................boring.