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Posted by bwoollia | Aug 26, 2009 @ 03:23 AM | 3,388 Views
Another cool toy - this one my F-22 Raptor. Doesn't like the grass much, but if the bounces time just right it will come off nicely. No shortage of power, just doesn't roll well on grass (typical of EDF models).

Fair amount of thrust - check out my tailslide-ish manouevre at about 4 minutes into the video. Yowza!

Lots of roll rate, but surprisingly easy to control without expo on the stock radio. Stable all around, slows down very nicely without any wing rock. There is a no shortage of wing area here!

Cool jet!

FIY F-22 Raptor - SN Hobbies (5 min 7 sec)

Posted by bwoollia | Aug 06, 2009 @ 04:13 PM | 4,558 Views
New toy. The video shows what's in the box. I've flown it once quickly in the backyard, works great - tracking, balance and trim was perfect. Gyro may need adjusting.

Art-Tech Genius 250 Helicopter - SN Hobbies (6 min 38 sec)