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Posted by bwoollia | Nov 24, 2008 @ 05:33 PM | 5,757 Views
So my Blade CP Pro was my first helicopter, purchased second hand from a buddy this summer to give helos a try. I loved it, and the Blade is a lot of fun. However, since I have the Flasher 450 now I've been working more on that.

But here is this perfectly good helicopter sitting with my stuff. What to do... I've flipped it a couple of times and it worked, but a little underpowered. Well, I'm always on the lookout for a project if the price is right, and Hobbycity recently brought out the Turnigy 2627 motor, which happens to have the right specs for the Blade, plus it is dirt cheap. Into the cart with a 20A card progammable ESC and I have a new project!

The motor installed into the blade well after a quick dremel touch up to get the gear mesh right. As you can see in the photos, the extra wiring and ESC take up a bit of space so the canopy is a tight fit now.

It was apparent right away that this motor is leaps and bounds ahead of the stock brushed 370 motor. After getting the gain and proportion mixes sorted out in the hover, I added a bit of collective. WOW! No shortage of power, and lots of torque - the tail swung over 90 degrees out with the application of full collective. Hmm... I think a heading lock gyro will be my next project. I'm afraid I don't have the equipment to measure head speed, but there is a very noticeable increase.

So, for a total of about $30 I probably nearly doubled the power of this helo. A little weight was added - no measurements taken, sorry. However, the helo really needs a gyro upgrade now, so that will be an extra cost and the eBay search is on for a cheapie headlock gyro.

Recommended upgrade? Sure, why not. Inexpensive really, the motor will last longer and the performance is improved.
Posted by bwoollia | Nov 17, 2008 @ 11:41 PM | 4,328 Views
Starting to get this heli thing. Much gratitude is due to HeliSimRC . Here's a quick video of me stirring up the air in a local park:

Flasher 450 in Forward Flight (2 min 29 sec)