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Posted by bwoollia | Sep 22, 2008 @ 11:03 PM | 8,887 Views
About the Helicopter
The Flasher 450 is a parts compatible clone of the Align T-Rex 450SE V2. It is constructed of a carbon synthetic fiber frame with CNC head and tail components. This is only my second helicopter, the first being a Blade CP Pro, so you may have to bear with my limited knowledge as I try to pass on my experience with this helicopter!

The Kit
I ordered the ARF version of this helicopter, which included everything you need, minus transmitter and receiver. The helo came kitted out with a generic (I think) gyro, motor, servos and 2200mAh LiPo battery. Everything came packed in a nice aluminum carrying case, which is a great convenience! The connectors were all hooked up except for the servos to the head. All this for $299 shipped!

Not much to say here. I had to program my DX6i radio to work with the helicopter, most of the information from that came from the radio's manual with a little help from Google and RCGroups. The fiberglass blades were well balanced, and required only a turn and a half or so to adjust tracking.

The overall quality of the kit seemed very high. Without having much experience with helicopters this model seemed well put together with good parts. There were a few concerns - the manual said that the motor should have a 12 or 13 tooth pinion, however after the motor seemed to bog down at high pitch I counted the teeth and I had a 14 tooth pinion. A quick phone call and some replacement pinions were...Continue Reading