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Posted by Toppers | Sep 27, 2010 @ 11:36 AM | 3,818 Views
I am a big advocate of the Turnigy SK motors. I think the 35-30 range is ideally suited to the Parkzone warbirds. As I destroy the OEM PZ motors, I'm getting more practice at mounting them in my Parkzone planes .

Here are the 3 examples I have successfully completed so far... all are tested and have been working fine with zero motor vibration.
Posted by Toppers | Sep 27, 2010 @ 11:35 AM | 3,899 Views
This was my first custom mount and used the gold alu mount from HK. The pictures really tells the story but here's some of the details...

Cut out disc from 1/4" ply. After marking and drilling the holes for the firewall screws and the motor mount screws, I drilled out the centre to allow cooling air to the ESC and battery. The motor mount screws were counter-sunk.

The motor was mounted behind the front of the mount to allow me to use the stock prop adapter (I like the stock Trojan props) (which also really protects the motor is it's own safety cage). Cowl fits with very little adjustment (not shown).

Final two pictures show the motor post a major nose in which wrote off the fusilage. The motor shaft snapped cleanly off but was otherwise undamaged. The motor has been reused since the other way around, with the bolt on Turnigy prop adapter.
Posted by Toppers | Sep 27, 2010 @ 11:34 AM | 3,884 Views
This mounting plate was very kindly given to me by a friend on RCG.

The same principle applies whether you use aluminium or plywood or a hard plastic sheet.

The mounting plate holds 4mm / 1/8" screws that are secured to the place and then secure the motor at a variable distance. This mount is rock solid and allows the motor to have increased thrust angles adjusted. It is essential to get the nuts tightened nicely and then add threadlock to all the nuts to lock them.

I am using the motor X-mount to hold the motor to the screws and the supplied Turnigy bolt-on prop adapter.

This mount is holding the insane 35-30 1400 motor which is crazy fast with a 40A ESC, if you're looking for speed (9x6 MAS prop = 465W). Normal crusing at 1/3 throttle, faster than stock motor with Trojan prop at 50% throttle.

For the correct spinner clearance, the cowl needs to be carved out to allow the full motor to come out of the front.
Posted by Toppers | Sep 27, 2010 @ 11:12 AM | 3,969 Views
This mount requires the shaft to be pushed through the motor. This needs to be done slowly and carefully using a vice and pre-drilled wooden block hold the motor and accept the shaft being pushed through. There are several write-up of this on RCG and youtube... I recommend that you read and watch them all before beginning. Once you understand what you need to do, it is quite straight forward and went well for me.

I found these little alu spacers in the hardware section at Rona (like Home Depot, B&Q, etc). With the stock mount the Turnigy total length exactly matches the stock motor.

The Turnigy mounting holes are different, so the mount was re-drilled using the motor x-mount as a template.

Longer 3M x 15mm screws fitted exactly. The cowl needed just a little carving to not catch the motor. This mount is very quick to complete (once the motor shaft is pushed through.

Other benefits of this mount are that additional airflow is allowed by the spacers and the stock mount will act as the weak point in a crash....Continue Reading
Posted by Toppers | Apr 23, 2010 @ 03:06 PM | 3,891 Views
RC History

Spring 2008 - purchased HZ Supercub

Summer 2008 - converted to using 1300 and 1500 lipos

Christmas 2008 - purchased Spektrum DX6i with AR6200

Winter 2009 - converted SC to Spektrum with AR6200 and Eagle 30A brushed ESC

Spring 2009 - added ailerons with HXT900s

Spring 2009 - purchased PZ Trojan and second AR6200

Summer 2009 - converted SC to brushless Turnigy 2217-16 with SS 30A ESC

Summer 2009 - added HZ SC floats

Summer 2009 - after major T-28 repair replaced motor with Turnigy SK35-36 910kV, then Gold 35-36 1100kV, then settled SK 35-30 1100kV as the right power combination for my flying style / ability

Autumn 2009 - purchased lot of 3 x PZ Mustang Gunflghters as parts from crash warranty returns. Two good stock motors and two AR500s. Built 2 P51s working, one with Corsair landing gear.

Autumn 2009 - joined GTAEF Sunday flying meets in Toronto. Great bunch of guys and loving sharing the fun with others.

Winter 2010 - purchased additional SC fuselage and tail to build second 'stock' SC using original wing and motor. Purchased AR6110e

Spring 2010 - started to build last Mustang, with custom Canadian Maple Leaf paint job. Expect to use SK 35-30 1400kV motor for additional speed. Purchased AR500 for this build.

Spring 2010 - major T-28 crash, snapped motor shaft and destroyed fuselage. Replaced fuselage and motor, etc... (delaying P51 build).

Spring 2010 - added 1400kV...Continue Reading