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Posted by tr6world | Jun 04, 2009 @ 03:20 PM | 3,772 Views
I started a build thread for my first ever scratch built RC Airplane back in January of 2009. I flew it 5 months later! Having never built anything from scratch, I got a college level course in model building from Mark Rittinger. Without posting the details (the build thread does that), I wanted to show off my plane here. Below are some pics and the specs of my plane.
Here are some of the specs for the interior of the Jug:

2 - Hitec HS-65MG (metal gear) servos for the elevator & aileron
1 - 40 amp e-flite speed controller
1 - 42-40-800 Electrifly outrunner electric motor
1 - 4000mAh 25C copper tab Hecell battery
13x8.5 Master Airscrew Electric prop producing about 440 watts!
wing loading was 16oz.
48" wing span
wing area: 360 sq in
AUW 2.5 lbs RTF with 42-40-800 Electrifly outrunner and 3 cell 4000 mAh pack