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Posted by tr6world | Mar 14, 2009 @ 07:47 PM | 4,266 Views
Here is a list of the various RC Airplanes I have built, owned and flown....... Maybe I will post some pics of these planes.....

Carl Goldberg Eaglet 50 with a .25 glow motor
When: - 1985
Modifications - None
Comments - Learned to fly and to build kits with this baby. This kit was easy to build. The plans and the die cut wood made building this kit fun and quick.
Status - After tucking away my plane stuff for 15 years and moving 3 times, My radio gear was trashed and I simply threw it all away.

Mustang kit (don't remember the manufacturer)
When - 1986
Modifications - it was designed for a .25 - .35 motor. I stuffed a .40 K & B glow motor in it.
Comments - I thought I knew everything I needed to know about rc flying since I mastered the Eaglet. Not true....... after build, my plane was tail heavy...... flew once. It was a dramatic flight with a dramatic ending
Status - Crashed - nose first. Used a shovel to dig out the motor.

Carl Goldberg Anniversary Edition Piper Cub
When - 1986 (after mustang crash)
Modifications - Original stock set-up was a 4 channel futaba FM radio with a .40 K & B motor to an electric. Now, after getting back into the hobby, I converted it to electric.........
Here are the specs as it currently stands....
Motor: Scorpion Brushless Outrunner 3026-8 1212KV motor producing 1000 watts of power
Prop: 12" x 6" APC E
Speed Controller: Scorpion Commander 70 amp ESC
Batteries: 2 - 11.1V 4000 mah lipo 25C COPPER TAB HECELL
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