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Posted by andrew_1967 | Dec 08, 2012 @ 07:14 AM | 2,340 Views
I've been flying models since I can remember (About 30 years now), but have always enjoyed flying over building.
The prospect of seeing months (If Not Years?) of hard work, heading for the floor at a rate of knots has never filled me with glee!
Every now and again, I get creative, and with the advent of Foam / Depron, it has become increasingly easier to put something together quickly and easily, and often on a very tight budget?
Having seen various videos of thing a little "Out Of The Ordinary!" Flying lawn mowers / witches on broomsticks / superheroes etc, this is the way I've been leaning.
With the festive season fast approaching, I set to building something I was going to fly once, and then struggle to store till next year!!
A radio controlled flying Christmas tree? That's never been done, right?... wrong!! There are hundreds of them!!
Still undeterred, I decided to carry on regardless (how difficult can it be?), so with seven sheets of 6MM Depron delivered, I drew out the rough shape, and started cutting out! a couple of evenings later, I had a tree shape, and a fair idea of where the motor, control surfaces and servos were going to go! Two more evenings work, and I had assembled the basic airframe, and had a test firing of the power system (A 750KV Outrunner removed from an ill fated B-17, and a new 20 amp ESC, a couple of Tower Pro micro servos (no expense spared here!!) and an 850 mAh 3 Cell Li-Po salvaged from a 55MM EDF F-16 I killed a year ago!)
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