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Posted by Eternalflight | Apr 30, 2012 @ 01:40 AM | 3,183 Views
Chipped a prop on the first flight...sorry for the jello
I have flown slope for many years in a small town of Fults Illinois. The hill is a Bluff, and as you can see every hill in the Mid West is covered with trees. Two weeks ago my buddy and I were racing our slopers on the hill. We collided on a turn. I was able to fly it out down to the farm land. My buddy flew off back into the hill. We spent several hours looking for his plane. I went back with the FPV Tricopter for a search of it, and had some fun.
If your interested in slope soaring check out my video #64 "Nose into the wind"

FPV FULTS (4 min 11 sec)