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Posted by Eternalflight | Feb 04, 2012 @ 02:19 PM | 3,090 Views
Tri V2.5 with Paris 4.0 for FPV

Working on getting this in the air for FPV 2/3/2012
Update: First Flight ........."failed" Broken arm, 2 props. 8' off the ground, did a violent roll to the left like it was possessed
I decided to build the V2.5 Tri with the Paris 4.0.
with this Tri I did not add the Cap, and I went with Spektrum AR500 receiver.
Yaw servo, I went with Hitec HS-5085 (digital servo).
Testing in the garage (rain past couple days) all was well. Then yesterday afternoon, no rain and I took the Tri for a spin out front. Well! for hole 3 minutes everything was great.
The Tri did a violent roll to the left from 8' in the air into the cement road Breaking one arm and couple props. "Major Fail"
Well since my Dragon Link came in the mail the other day I installed the DL receiver and then added the Cap to the Paris board. Then decided to change out the servo with analog, Hitec 85MG. I think on one thread of the V2.5 "go with digital", but then I thought that Paris really does not go well with a Digital.
I am ready to test ...but now more rain

Update: 2/5/2012:
Well I did get to test my Tri today. Did pretty good and flight times around 15 minutes. Wow! I was amazed 3 cell, 2200mah. The flight looked pretty good except when viewed on the Go Pro...lots of jello.
Went and rebalanced the blades, tried again. Then went back and did props one more time and motors this time. Still jello, but not as bad.
My last resort for the day was to put the 3 blade props on, purchased from MultiWii.
These props are a miracle. I was now pleased with the video test.
LIBERTY PARK (3 min 25 sec)