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Posted by Ampdraw | May 25, 2011 @ 09:27 AM | 5,730 Views
Weight is board only where possible. Please feel free to post other esc's in the sub 7A range suitable for 1s.

XP-3A (burst 4A): 0.42g

Turnigy 3A (5A burst): Note switching bec and some reports of 5V output!

BlueArrow 6A (8A burst)

Cirrus Micro Joule 5A:

Microinvent MBC3 3A 0.22g:

Moxie 5A (7A burst):

TMM 0703-3 Expert 7A (10A burst) 1.1g: (very good esc from reports)

XP-7A (9A burst): 1.67g

YGE 4A: 0.6g

E-Power 5A (burst 7A) Also known as AEORC 5A: 1.33g

Couple of great posts from Vladimir88
on small esc comparative testing and his recommendation on which are the best in this class. He has done extensive testing!

Posted by Ampdraw | Nov 15, 2010 @ 02:04 AM | 7,736 Views
AUW with Hyp 2s 95g
Turnigy 16-06 rewind 15 or 16T pinion (300g lifting power see vid below)
Castle Creations Pheonix 10A
Spartan Quark stripped:
Walkera 02-1 (4g6) digital cyclic servos
Tail servo BlueArrow D05010MG:
Hyperion 320mah 25/45C in 2s1p 7.4V

4g6 tail blades now trimmed 1mm of both chord and length.
Simulated CF foam main blades
Microheliconcepts tail fin. US buyers this one:
Older landing gear:
Gaui 200 boom support ends (plastic) with 1.5mm cf rod:
Strengthened plastic head
New 4g6s grips
Gaui mixers (203640):
Stock feathering shaft, and dampers.

Rpm and full negative data as well as downforce figures here:

Spek 4g6 thread

Mod for more tail pitch against rotor torque. 16/11/10

Removed all tail assembly. Looked at how far I could move the retaining collar outward and still have the screw seat on the shaft properly...about 1.5mm. Used a worn front gear to make a 1.5mm keyed spacer. Filed teeth down and trimmed to size. Had to reduce the clear tube...Continue Reading
Posted by Ampdraw | Jul 29, 2010 @ 07:21 AM | 6,804 Views
Just finished mounting and testing the rewound Turnigy 16-06.

Stock wind for 3000kv was 12T 0.25mm
New wind (approx 6000kv) 6T twin strand 0.25mm

Here's a vid of some bench testing. Heli currently has a worn main gear and by the sound of things at 100%, I need to adjust the lash. Not too worried atm...just testing potential power.

Testing: Rewound Turnigy 16-06 in Spektrum 4g6 (1 min 43 sec)

Here's a vid of the lifting power on 16T, CC10A, HYp 320 25/45C 2s
Hits 300g and stabilises at 285 or so.

Lifting Power of Turnigy 16-06 Rewind in Spektrum 4G6 (2 min 15 sec)
...Continue Reading