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Posted by chashint | Dec 18, 2008 @ 11:37 PM | 3,073 Views
Earth date 12/18/2008.
I am a 50 year old white guy that took up RC airplanes about eight years ago.
At best I would say I am an intermediate level sport flier and chances are I will not advance my flying skills much beyond this point. While I would like to be considered a 'skilled' RC pilot the truth is I just don't get to do it often enough to get a lot better than I am now. That's ok, this is something that I get to do with my brother and we have a lot of fun doing this together.
Like a lot of people I really tried to save every penny when I first started and in the longer term it ended up costing more than it could have.
My trainer was an ARF followed up with a GP Big Stick 40. I flew that Big Stick for three years before it died in spectacular fashion. It was replaced with an Ultra Stick 40 which I nerver grew to fond of.
My first kit built plane was a House of Balsa PT-19, fun little plane but the fuel tank was to high and it caused engine issues, when that plane bit the dust it hurt but it was also good riddance.
Other kits I have built are: Super Sportster 60, PT-60, Hog Bipe, Slow Poke Sport 40, GP Corsair 40, and I have a 60 size Fun Aero SE5a under construction at this time.
I mostly run OS and Magnum four stroke engines and there is a Saito 125 waiting for a home of its own. At one time I would have never dreamed that I would become a four stroke junkie, but unless it is for club racing or combat I never even think about two stroke engines.
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