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Posted by Rodl | Mar 23, 2010 @ 01:19 PM | 3,283 Views
Here is my newly built Rat Racer for control line. She has a Golden Bee on the nose and will be ready for its maiden this weekend at our club meeting.
Posted by Rodl | Jul 03, 2009 @ 09:30 PM | 4,361 Views
Bought this here on RCGroups dirt cheap to convert to C/L. It's a very simple conversion. First you need a R/C OS La .25 thats in good condition. You then need some parts from Tower. Part#20,25FP-S Venturi and a part# 20-40FP-S(RN) remote needle nozzle. All you have to do is remove the two screws on either side of the carb. Remove the carb, and install the venturi with supplied o-ring. Then you install the spray bar through the venturi and install the nut to hold it in place; be sure to point the hole for fuel down into the crankcase. Cut a new piece of fuel line and you are done. I installed an Odonnell #77 med plug. I have very good luck with these plugs lasting a very long time, espeially on 15% nitro. Heck they are still one of the lower priced plugs, around $5-$6 bucks. Looks good doesn't it?! I just haven't figured out what to put it on yet.
Posted by Rodl | Jul 03, 2009 @ 09:12 PM | 3,551 Views
Got bored and went into fixing my very first C/L plane. I bought this off Ebay years ago and put a Cox .049 Baby Bee on it. Just another bored project. I knew nothing about C/L planes and it basically turned out as a model show piece, as I didn't know how to fly. I went through lots to make this plane worthy of flight. Had to sand the paint off the landing gear wires, and slightly bore the wheels so they would turn freely. Then I had to adjust the bell crank to elevator wire so they were even with each other. Next I disassembled the Bee and found it had never(as best I can tell) run before! The prop is one in the bottom of the box that got put on 'cause I thought a three blade was cool. It was a 5x3, and now it's like a 4x3. Since its of the soft plastic, kinda rubber kind, I cut it down. I have seen this done on the two bladed props of the same kind cut down for combat. Heck this thing should run pretty good!
Posted by Rodl | Jun 22, 2009 @ 11:13 PM | 3,666 Views
Here she is all bolted together and plumbed. OS Max FP .15, Perfect 1oz. tank for starters, and 2" HZSC wheels! I hope she flies good, and with help from my buds at the Metrolina Control Line Society, I think she will. There is the smaller P-40 1/2A that I recently built also. Oh, it looks like I need to build another hanger! Dang! Cox Medallion .09 powered profile Eindecker to come next!
Posted by Rodl | Jun 21, 2009 @ 06:38 PM | 3,910 Views
Finally got the bird painted today. I went with a little different color scheme than black, white, and red. Since it will be maidened almost on the 4th of July I went with red, white, and blue. The red reacted with the clear and did kindof a solvent pop, I guess it's because of the red pigment, the other colors came out good. There was a little bit of touch up to be done before the clear was applied. I put four coats of Dupli-Color clear on it, and one extra coat on the starboard wing since it will be subjected to more fuel residue. Not to bad for my first kit. I wasn't to fond of the softer balsa used to make the wing, but the rest of the kit went together pretty good. I look foward to building more Brodak kits in the future. Now all I have to do is re-install everything to get her in the air. I could wait 48hrs to polish the clear to a nice shine but I'm not worried about that. She looks good enough to me!
Posted by Rodl | Jun 14, 2009 @ 11:55 AM | 3,494 Views
Just finished my C/L trainer except for the paint. Powered by an OS Max FP .15, and a Perfect 2 1/3 oz. tank. More pics to come after piant is done and every thing is mounted.
Posted by Rodl | Jun 09, 2009 @ 09:51 PM | 3,341 Views
New, never ran,scared to put it on a plane. Very clean and very strong compression Nice to have this one.
Posted by Rodl | Jun 04, 2009 @ 08:46 PM | 3,867 Views
First engine is an original Fox FAI .049, new never run. Second is a Cox .049 Golden Bee with a Mecoa head conversion on a P-40, not from plans or kit,"out of my head". Third is a Cox .09 Medallion with a Mecoa head conversion. Fourth is a Cox .15 Medallion stock waiting on a head conversion also. Fifth is a Stallion .35 for combat. Sixth is an O.S. .15 Max FP waiting on its new Flite Streak Trainer kit that is on the way. Seventh is my first plane from plans. A VOODOO for the .35 Stallion. It's gonna be a while for this one to fly, aka lack of experience. Last is my Cox .049 Baby Bee on a Sterling kit A-10 Warthog. There are others to come and I will put them up as I can and get more experience. All of these engines are NOS and never run. The O.S. Max .15 is the only engine I have purchased, all of the others are what my Dad left me when he died. All are a great way to remember him and to get stared in C/L. Thanks for looking Rodl