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Posted by trinitygirl | Oct 09, 2012 @ 06:46 AM | 2,580 Views
I have been flying FPV now for over twelve months, I am still using a spektrum DX8 with foxtech vid system and installed in a easystar, but its time to move on.
I have been flying for a lot of years i started with gliders slope soarers etc, built my own radio set whilst still at college, finally advanced to IC helicopters and had a brace of Baron fifty,s and a baron thirty for a good number of years.

I found FPV just over twelve months ago and have not looked back since i love it and have decided i need to advance my hobby further, I know its a guys sport and i do get a few frowns from the occasional person.

Most probably due to my age and gender but its water off a ducks back to me i enjoy the same things you guys do, the freedom of the skies the views in real time and the video,s after.
I wish i had found this side of my sport/ hobby years back

Hence the purchase of one of Thomas,s systems, and further upgrades to come
So if there is any other girls out there please feel free to contact me
I will be putting up my latest build and will post my adventure into high end FPV as it develops.