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Posted by MaximumDeflection | Sep 21, 2015 @ 02:40 PM | 2,988 Views
My newest plane i am assembling.
I decided to use mid size servos in this to shed some weight as this plane is on the heavy side.
Servos are Graupners hvc 660 mg all around. Pushrods are replaced with carbon fiber tubes.
To get the smaller servos to fit in the fuse i needed to close up the servo tray. I made a support under the tray and jb welded in place another filler piece of wood, this was made to sit on top of the bottom piece so that it is flush to the rest of the tray,also jb welded. The bottom piece extends past the hole being filled to the sides and the rear for it to have some area for the jb weld to hold. After all was cured i hit the top piece with some med ca glue around the seams.

Servo arms are Graupner hd arms which are very stiff compared to the stock arms. Control horns will be replaced with aluminum horns and fitted with ball links.
One problem that i encountered is the rudder horn cannot be used in the outer most hole or it will bind up with the elevator. The second hole from the surface must be used for it not to bind. I cant use the ball link on this as it binds. The stock clevis and horn has to be used with out slicing a piece of the elevator,which is what i might do.
From my understanding this goes against to where the clevis should idealy attach to the horn.

The wing tube was so tight to get in the fuse even with twisting motion i was worried something was going to snap. Had to sand the inside if the tube in the fuse to get an acceptable fit.

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Posted by MaximumDeflection | Feb 14, 2015 @ 02:42 AM | 5,551 Views
My plane that I am putting together slowly but surely.
It is my first gasser that will be powered with a DLE 20 RA.
The manual that is supplied is pretty much useless so I started a thread on another forum where others that bought the plane can help each other to get it done.
Most have reported that the plane is tail heavy at final assembly and needed to add anywhere from 16.5 to 14 oz up front.
This is due to the plane having two elevator servos installed at the tail.

One member who is following the thread and thinking of purchasing the plane has added a post of one of his planes with the same issue.
He removed the two ele servos from the tail and installed one servo on a tray just behind the pull pull servo tray. The servo is mounted on its side with 2 ball links on the servo arm. Each ball link is attached to the same hole on the servo arm,one on the right of the arm and one on the left. He used 2 carbon fiber pushrods to the one servo.
By doing this he got rid of one servo and the 14oz of weight up front needed to balance the plane.
I'm waiting on the arrival of my motor to see how mine balances out.
The cog of this plane needs to be at 4.5 inches, verified by another TBM SBACH owner. He said the plane flies very nice after all the work.
TBM has been no help.
Update to come after I install my motor.

Motor installed and sure enough the plane was tail heavy.
I ended up making my own battery pack out of 2 3500mah 3.7v li ion/lm
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