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Posted by HillRf | Jun 06, 2008 @ 08:38 AM | 2,728 Views
After a failed attempt to launch my Slow Stick (I had the control surfaces at the tail reversed - hey it was my first ARF, gimme a break ) I decided on a new airframe for the electronics. After reading threads on it, I finally selected the GWS Beaver.

I wanted something with a more scale look and something I could get into the air fairly quickly. Price was also a consideration and at around $40US for the airframe and motor, the GWS Beaver was an easy choice.

I visited several sites for design ideas but most of my information came from bob_sruncle's website Paris Junction Hobbies.

Other than the stock setup, the Beaver has 2 HS-55 servos, a HiTec receiver, an Electrifly C-12 ESC and GWS 750mAh NiMH battery packs. I replaced the connectors on the batteries with Deans Connectors and I replaced the motor connector with bullet connectors.

I also replaced the standard bamboo wing struts with 1/8" aluminum. The only error I made (and I was warned of this) was to place the fuselage strut mounts in the wrong direction. I was advised to mount them vertically instead of horizontally as suggested in the instructions but I had a brain fart and went by the instructions. What happens is that the angle of the clips is too high to easily fasten them to the strut mounts. Anyway, I corrected this by shortening the struts and I can (with a little work) get them clipped on.

Other mods included light plywood to re-enforce the landing gear and plywood on the servo mounting decks so they can be removed when I finally retire the Beaver.

I did a quick test of the COG yesterday and it's very close to balanced. This was done withouth the battery installed so I think mounting the battery forward will be fine. I also have to reinforce the hinge on the rudder. I used clear Scotch packing tape but it isn't holding very well. I'm going to do some more research on hinge materials before I maiden it.

I'll post another entry after the maiden flight!

Happy Flying!