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Posted by bcollydas | Mar 20, 2011 @ 09:29 AM | 3,727 Views
Well this the birth of the Gator. I figured I will give some history of how things got started.
I was browsing the net on RCGroups and came across a photo of a UAV.
I liked the design and I was wondering wether I can build one.
Having tones of time on my hands sitting at home, I figured why not.

I sat down at work and with only a photograph of the copter I design the frames.
Trying to decide what material to use, since carbon and G-10 are so expensive, I searched around the shop and found some

left over pieces of 3mm Lexan.

So, I started cutting the frames, shaping and sanding and it turned out pretty good.
Went to Home Depot and got me some 12mm square aluminum tubing and cut the struts.

Everything looked good so far.
I assembled the bird and it had the same look as the photo.

But, I didn't like it. It was too flexible, unbreakable but flexible.

So back to the drawing board I got me some 3mm Dibond.
That stuff is strong, resi poxy sandwiched between two thin layers of aluminum.

I assembled the bird again and no flexing this time.

But I noticed that when I tighten the crews they sunk into the aluminum, too soft.

Darn it anyway, I guess you can have everything..
So, I said what ta heck I came that far I might as well go all the way.
So I ordered 3mm G-10-FR4 from Ontario
That stuff is expensive.
12 square feet for $157.00CND. $190.00 with shipping..

The stuff arrived a few days later.
I cut another set of the frames again....

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