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Posted by sbritton | Oct 24, 2010 @ 02:32 PM | 6,946 Views
Well, I have been wanting a large hawk for quite some time. I found a great deal here on RCG for a NIB SAPAC 100mm Hawk and couldn't pass it. I found very limited information about it, and really only two videos of it flying. But...I figured, what the heck.

I was looking at Hawks like the JTM and Schubeler, but the lead times to get one was a little more than my patience would allow. After spending a crazy amount of time chasing down vendors, this was a fresh change to just have it shipped right away. (Yes...I have limited patience for shipping...I'm working on that)

After taking it out of the box, it is a pretty nicely put together plane. It is a composite body and built-up wings and surfaces. I would prefer to have a full composite model, but if this one goes well...I might uprade. I have been watching some of the other good builders and waiting for flight reports.

The gear being put into this is a Tam Jets TJ100 HD (Neu1515-3D CC110HV),JR 9 Channel 2.4, Hitech Digitals all around (HS5085MG Ailerons,HS225MG Flaps,HS5645MG Elevator, HS5245MG Rudder, HS5085mg Steering, HS-65mg for air & brakes. My original plan was to go with the eFlite 60-120 sized electric retracts but they are too tall and won't fit. The next size down might be doable, but I think the weight will be over what they are rated for. So I'm going with the standard Tam Mini-retracts and trailing link struts.

I really want to keep this one light, so I will start with a 10S setup to...Continue Reading
Posted by sbritton | Mar 25, 2010 @ 01:53 AM | 7,656 Views
After reading Carl's article about this plane, I had to have one. I finally got around to getting one and picked up a brand new TJ90 fan unit powered by a CC110HV and NEU1512-3D / 1700kv motor with the new TP-4S-5000-45c batteries. Ground testing shows 3300 watts and 109 amps WOT.

I believe Carl was getting 2700 watts and I'm hoping to pick up another 10mph with this setup. When I get it on radar I will let folks know.

I also went with the Tam Jets F-16 gear and brakes for our short field.

Took about 4 days as I wanted to keep it tight and clean inside. I'm very happy with how it turned out. I normally don't do pilots in my planes due to bad luck, but this one was begging for one; hope I don't regret it.

Only thing left is to figure out how to do the gear door.

Okay...gear door is now finished and working great. Carl Rich suggested using a set of offset hinges that come with springs to keep them open. They work great. They included some wire contraption that would pull the door shut, but I couldn't get it to work right, so I went with the traditional trip wire great...simple...and fool-proof; which is great for those that know my ability to prove "Murphy" right at most opportunities.

There are a couple of videos floating around; particularly the one as EspritModels ( Looks like a real good floater and easy lander....Continue Reading
Posted by sbritton | Mar 15, 2010 @ 12:49 PM | 6,369 Views
Well, I was looking for a good project for a JS1400 and HET6904 I had sitting around. I found a K&A A6 Intruder here on RCG, so bought and started the work.

Unlike most of my other projects, this is more of a kit than an ARF as there is a bit more planning and building that I am used to. But after several years of being addicted to the easy ARF stuff, I figured it was time to pay my dues.

I contacted Kevin at K&A (nice guy) and he emailed me a PDF with the instructions. This model is setup to be bungee launched, but since I have never done that I figured retracts were in order.

I picked up a set of the E-Flite electric retracts since they worked so well on my Habu, but after laying them out, they are too thick for the wings and likely will add too much weight. So I settled on a set of MAP Micro Air Retracts. Tiny, very light and a perfect fit. Since there are no examples I could find of others who did retracts, I'm in uncharted ground here.

So I did some measurements and decided on putting the retracts about 1.5 inches behind the CG as it seemed about right and the wing is still thick enough to support everything. I marked and cut out the area, applied some epoxy to get the upper wing skin some strength and added a basswood base with a Carbon Fiber skin on top. To this was mounted hardwood blocks, more carbon fiber skin to ensure they don't get ripped out. Now plenty of epoxy...and hard as a rock.

Aileron coverts cut out...standard HS-65HBs...Continue Reading
Posted by sbritton | Dec 09, 2009 @ 07:53 PM | 9,027 Views
Well after having a blast with my Sunracer II, I decided it was time to get something a little bigger that I can push a little faster. So up comes the Viper from Stratair. You can find more info here:

I had seen a number of videos and comments here on RCG about the Viper, but somehow had my mind set on a Jibe2 when they got in stock. I had heard that the Vipers were going to be in stock soon, so decided to wait and and get Bob's opinion on them before I pulled the trigger. I have found before that Bob at SUSA is very good judge of quality and he gave this one a big thumbs up.

I normally call Tam from Tam Jets the "Candy Man" because everything he sells appeals to my senses (Fast, Sleak and Rare), but I'm starting to think Bob is not far behind.

DECEMBER 11, 2009
Okay, the Viper showed up today and was packed very nicely as usual from SUSA. I have had problems with FedEx in the past, but they managed to do a good job with this one.

Opened the box and everything I ordered was perfectly packed and wrapped. After I got the plane out of all the wrapping I could really appreciate the quality of it. Full carbon wing with kevlar fuse and CF reinforcements in all the right places. The instructions are not in English. Not really a big deal because, let's face it if you are planning to fly this plane you should know what you are doing. I can see the ailerons are a bit different than anything I...Continue Reading