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Posted by Jay-viator | Oct 18, 2008 @ 12:55 PM | 4,039 Views
This is a really cool hobby, quite costly tho. I started off in the micro's, still have them, just moving upscale a bit with GWS Slow Stick, GWS J3 Cub, TW AT-6 and TW F4U. When the weather's not so promising, the micro's get alot of attention. Then when weather's descent, out comes the big dogs.

All of them are alot of fun to fly, repairing them, well that's another story.
Some are quick fixes, some take a lil longer.

What burns me tho is some states (U.S.A), are slowly banning the parkflyers.
Just not right . Lil x lil, taking our rights away. I guess our governments don't want us to have any self entertainment anymore.