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Posted by Subsonic Ken | Jul 26, 2009 @ 01:47 PM | 3,724 Views
Here is the Aqua Star kit with the Motrolfly 2210-1700, Motrolfly FM-20, Sonic Power 1300mah 11.1V 20C, Graupner 6x5.5 prop. Pulls 14 amps and has around 15 minuet plus flight time. All up weight is 21.1 oz. The kit was designed for a .049 nitro, but electric is so much more fun.

Kit did take some time and I had to design the ailerons in to the plans as it only had rudder and ellevator. I put the plane in to the pond upside down, but did not get that on tape little damage and should be back in the air once I can find time to make the repairs.

Another note on the build was the chine rails. They were a must to get the it up on plain durring take off and they had to be and inch and a half futher forward than the plans said to keep the water wake out of the prop. I made the boom tall enough to use an 8 inch prop, but kept catching the water wake.

enjoy the video
Aqua Star Kit with Motrolfly 2210-1700 6x5.5 on 11.1V (4 min 5 sec)

Posted by Subsonic Ken | Jul 26, 2009 @ 01:22 PM | 3,580 Views
Here is the Multiplex Fun Jet powered with the Motrolfly 2210-2200 and Motrolfly 30 amp ESC, with a 6x5.5 APC on a Sonic Power 1300mah 30C 11.1V lipo. All up weight is 15.5 ounces and uses 300+ Watts, so a little over 300watts per pound.

Weighing only 15.5 oz. it is fast and climbs effortlessly and glides well for easy landings and adds to the fun.

sorry about all the nitro background noise
Fun Jet Motrolfly 2210-2200 6x5.5 APC 320 WATTS 15.5 oz. (3 min 34 sec)

Posted by Subsonic Ken | Jul 25, 2009 @ 02:34 PM | 3,760 Views

This is Ken with Subsonic Planes and I have started this blog for posting videos of Motrolfly products, Motrolfly info, New products, and Sonic Power lipo info.

First off here is a video of a Harmon Rocket I have had for quite some time and used to have an O.S. .46 in it. It weighs 7lbs. and was sluggish so I just had to convert it to Electric using a Motrolfly motor of course. I wanted to use a powerful set up so decided to use a lower Kv and the largest Motrolfly motor so far which would be the 3625 and the lower of the two Kv 650. I went with several different props starting with a 12x6 all on 6s.

12x6 flew very good and pulled 1500 watts. It was much more powerful than the nitro set up.
12x8 flew a little better and noticably faster and pulled 1750 watts. Very good, but still wanted more power, the motor was still only around 45 Celsius on the windings so a bigger prop was in order.
13x6.5, now we are talking unlimited vertical pulling right at 2000 watts first few seconds using a 3200mah 30C lipo. Speed is around 80mph and thrust around 11 lbs.

enjoy the video
Motrolfly 3625-650 on 6s lipo 13x6.5 APC 2000 WATTS!!! (3 min 1 sec)