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Posted by harv_d | Nov 06, 2010 @ 09:25 PM | 2,388 Views
hey everyone, names harvey dhiman,and im from vancouver, british columbia. Ive been flying for over 5 years now and have spent about 3 years flying IMAC, and freestyle. First plane i ever got was the hobbico nexstar. The plane flew well for a trainer, and i spent countless hours at the field practicing. I eventualy got introduced to the carl goldberg sukhoi which back then was a big airplane. This was my first step into aerobatic airplanes. I spent 2 years flying all sorts of things. i eventuall ended u with a 80" H9 Alitalia cap 232(purple and white). IT was in a crash, but my dad and i fixed it and i flew that plane 100's of times. powered a by a BME 50, it was incredible. I still have that plane sitting on the shelf. I spent lots of time doing 3d, i was just starting to learn to hover, and i was still learning rolling circles and harrier rolls. around this time i was introduced to imac and that's what kept me in this hobby. i spent one year in sportsman. finished top 3 at all the contests. middle of that year i got my first 40%. it was the SD models extra 260. it was brand new and the plane flew flawlessly. i pulled my first sprtsman win in mollalla and also was first sprtsman pilot to qualify for freestyle. the following year i moved to intermidiate and went undefeated and became regional champion, year after that i flew advanced and went undefeated, but i didnt fly enough contests so i tied for first for regionals. I am now waiting for 2011 season, ill be flying unlimited and will be flying for aztech-aeromodels with the 40% raven, and will also be representing smart-fly in the NW region. im lookin forward to meeting all the new guys coming to fly imac next year.

heres a pic of myself with my SD models. i will post more pictures in the future.