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Posted by DreamArcher | Feb 18, 2010 @ 01:21 PM | 7,477 Views
- Code Name: Black Witch (Alpha 1)
- Wingspan: 26"
- Length: 21"
- Weight: 13.24 oz
- Prop: APC 4.2x2 for initial testing (80mph on 3S), APC 3.9x4.1 (82mph on 3S), APC 4.75x4.1 (~100mph on 3S).
- Motor: Turnigy 2836 3700kv, $16.69 HobyKing.
- Battery: Turnigy 4S 1000mha, $13.17 HobbyKing. Rhino 3S 1350mha for initial testing.
- ESC: Turnigy 60A Plush, $37.64 HobbyKing.
- Total Power System Cost: $67.50

- April 3, 2010 1st Flight: Windy, started to rain toward the end, and CG might be off. But it flew. Rhino 3S 1350mha, APC 4.2x2 prop.
- April 18, 2010 2nd Flight: Better CG, better weather conditions. Dopplers around 80mph. Rhino 3S 1350mha, APC 4.2x2 prop.
- April 22, 2010 3rd Flight: Just practice flying. Uneventful.
- April 24, 2010 4th Flight: Nothing special. 82mph on 3S APC 3.9x4.1 prop cut down from 4.1.
- May 1, 2010 5th Flight (No good video): Around 100mph on 3S with a 4.75x4.1 prop. It loses all aileron control at high speed. Crunched the nose a bit on landing so going to retire this one and build a new version....Continue Reading