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Posted by shufflez | Nov 16, 2011 @ 03:32 AM | 3,203 Views
First of all, I would like to thank all you guys for getting me infected with the MultiCopter-virus. After finally finding someone in 'the neighborhood' (it's Ramon aka rvbcrs) who's into multicopters as well, I've taken the plunge beyond cars, planes and heli's.

Today I had first lift-off with my Flyduino Quad X, and now I find myself browsing/shopping for more, like a mini, or a Hexa, or an Y6, or..... Maybe its only me, but mostly if/else=and

Although I've been flying planes and heli's for a while, all the self-soldered stuff scared me Awaiting deliveries I've read up on about half of all the pages in this thread, all programming documentation and been somewhat planning the electronics and hardware layout. But today it flew! Without crashing (yet) Managed to keep it hovering between the TV, table and couch... Video will follow.

Emptied 4 batteries in no time (8x4,5 props are way to small, massive loss of efficiency), tomorrow I'll be testing 10x4,5 and 8x4x3. In a bigger (indoor) area than 2x3 meters

Now for the kitlist:...Continue Reading