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Posted by Geo1 | Jan 21, 2010 @ 10:18 AM | 2,455 Views
Here I build the tail teepee as I call it .
Notice the use of small dollar store elastic bands to help hold it together before gluing

Here the main cabin comes together , again held by some eleastic bands temporarily

the rudder with the 3 mm off set , to center the rudder on the triangular back part

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Posted by Geo1 | Jan 18, 2010 @ 10:06 AM | 2,293 Views
Well I have the tailplane elevator all done , but that was easy , all nice and flat. The actual rudder and elevator have a triangular crosssection like the real plane which complicatest the build just a bit.

Now I want to try something more chalenging so on to the fuselage and this is trick in a way. The plans say to build it up dry, no glue, and then add adhesive once the "chinese puzzle box" is done , I may cheat just a little. The laser cut parts in this kit are so nice , older kits with die cutting left me photocopying the plans and tracing out part to exacto knife them out. Not here , I just have to break parts out gently and am ready to go. The intricate part structure of this kit is interesting and very much suited to CA type glue, but I must admit this is not my favourite glue. In fact the most troublesom part of the build so far is hunting down the parts on the sheets of balsa, alas I am so spoiled..

Think I"ll make it White and Red and then decide if it will have Polish or Canadian markings ( the colors are good for both )

Oh I guess you guys want some pictures mmm--
Posted by Geo1 | Jan 14, 2010 @ 10:03 PM | 1,913 Views
Well to my surprise the package arrive today from Florida. I was plesantly surprised that I had to pay no customs on this purchase so I opened up the package and there was the estar wilga. Not bad less than 2 weeks from order all the way to snowy Canada.

The kit is a stack of balsa with fine laser cut parts. I was able to put the rudder together today but was surprized that my usage of pins to hold the parts together had returned. Like a long lost art form. Well tommorrow I progress to other parts, this reminds me of a 1000 part 3d jigsaw puzzle.

ahhh kits ..
Posted by Geo1 | Jan 13, 2010 @ 10:55 AM | 4,328 Views
I've always liked this plane. It's kinda not the norm with its odd wing landing gear and engine, but it grows on you.
Likewise it has a look which I think matches the Halo Warthog Jeep. The Wilga is the flying jeep and would be cool in Halo, wonder if they might put one in ?

I found the estar model and decided to build it. I also have an eflite beaver waiting in the wings for its setup. These will be my first electric models as I have flown 25 sized gas trainers before. So step one I have ordered the Wilga from the US distributer in Florida and am awaiting delivery, meanwhile I am looking at the build information from others who have preceded me.

Questions I have , bestpower system, best covering , and center of balance info. The quest begins..