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Posted by CedarTree | Oct 18, 2010 @ 12:09 AM | 2,709 Views
Yup, still here. So far no serious work on either the barge or the sailboat (though some rigging failures forced an earlier than scheduled overhaul of all the standing rigging on the sailboat to Spectra fishing line). Also had a flooding issue with the Springer while operating at low tide in less than ideal surf and at dusk to boot. Let's just say now it has a new ESC. I have acquired a second Northwind 36-600 in pretty much the condition they seem to get passed around in, you know, some upgrades forced mostly by stock part failure. This one is getting the radio box-ectomy as the stock one is made of cheese, (the only reason the one in my first boat still works being that it has had some strategic reinforcement), and some better jib and main booms before it even hits the water. The idea being that now I will have a second boat to let friends or maybe even unsuspecting passers-by try, and if things work out, maybe this is the nucleus of a club? Horror of horrors, I'm looking at a used Hobbyzone Super Cub LP in Vancouver. And I live in a flight path for the local airport. Have to look into the rules on this one. At least there are a few baseball and soccer fields close by. Is this second childhood? Dunno but it sure has been fun so far, wish now I'd started earlier...
Posted by CedarTree | Sep 11, 2010 @ 03:03 PM | 2,877 Views
First blog entry, have scratch-built a Springer tug with my son, and recently acquired a Northwind 36-600 as well. The tug has been great fun to build and run, but we are enjoying the sailboat on the windier days as well. With the days getting shorter, its time to think about winter projects again, maybe a barge for the tug and a refit for the sailboat. The barge is started but still needs a lot of work to complete. Sailboat refit work will include upgraded sailwinch, radio box, jib and main booms and running/standing rigging.
Always wanted RC boats as a kid but could never quite get it figured out, so now is the time. Scatch built a few static model sailboats for friends and family over the years, tried my hand at freesailers too with some decent results. Buying a house with a finished 16X24 woodshop in the backyard has really helped out the modelling end of things.