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Posted by DL8698 | Jan 27, 2010 @ 03:48 AM | 3,426 Views
Well, finally got round to starting on making the Blu Me109 https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=545126

Using 5 mm Depron, got all the parts cut out. Can't decide whether to use a flat 6mm CF rod (do we call the flats ones "rod"?) or a 3 mm round tube. I like flat rod cos it will make the fuse much stiffer than the round tube in the side to side direction. No need to reinforce in the other direction as the depron is stiff enough.

Going to use a cheapo motor/esc combo (Tower Pro 2409-12A(i think maybe should be delta) from Hobby city. Bench test showed about 130w tapering to about 100w on a 2s 20c 1300 battery and 8x3.8 prop. Seems to give enough power, and not so heavy. about 400 gm thrust at wot.
Posted by DL8698 | Jan 23, 2010 @ 10:17 PM | 2,605 Views
Sent my Tx in for check up at the LHS 2 weeks ago still no call from them. Was told will take about 2 weeks.

Called 4 days ago, was told not ready yet. So decided to give them the full estimated 2 weeks to repair.
Called after 2 weeks, and, well so much for customer service. This is how the call went.

Me: Morning, checking on my set sent for check up (gave details of my set) . Is the set ready?
Girl: No
Me: I was told will be ready in 2 weeks. Can I speak to the technicians? (at this time it was 10am +)
Girl: They're not in yet
Me: What time do they come in?
Girl: Don't know
Me: don't they have a fixed time to come to work?
Girl: Call again in half an hour
Me: For the past few days what time did they come in?
Girl: Don't know
Me: you mean they can come in at any time they feel like coming?
Girl: Don't know
Me: (Hell! She Knows Nothing!) Put me through to your shop front let me speak to someone else

At least she knows how to put me through to another line without getting me cut off.

Me: The girl I spoke to knows nothing, every question answered with "don't know". So what on earth is she doing answering customers' calls?
Man: Oh, maybe she's new.
Me: Could you find out if my set is ready?
Man: Ok, I'll call you back.
Me : (Hangs Up)

After about 30 min got call from LHS, Another Girl on line this time. (Thank God!!)

Another Girl: Your set is ready for collection.
Me: so did they find out what's wrong
Another Girl: read the technician's report
Me: OK (hangs up)
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