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Posted by Dimitris K | Mar 09, 2009 @ 09:12 AM | 3,061 Views
I decided to add the Belt Tail to the Guru-Z frame of my HBFP and I was
thinking if I could use the RX part of the 4-in-1 together with the stock TX.

In order to be able to remotely control the Gyro sensitivity and/or mode,
an extra channel 5th channel is needed. After searching the groups,
I found that some other people had discovered how to add this extra 5th
channel to the stock 4ch E-sky TX. The mod is really simple and you can
read how I implemented it in my blog entry.

In order to use the stock RX, I separated it from the 4-in-1 and did some
pin arrangements in order to take less space and be wrapped with a piece
from a plastic sheet.

I had already soldered two cables to the throttle channel of the RX board,
in order to connect the throttle signal to the ESC that I was using
to drive a brushless motor
. But now in order to power supply the RX,
the third cable from the BEC of the ESC had to be also connected.

So now I am using channels 1 and 2 for the Aileron and Elevator servos,
channel 3 for the throttle, channel 4 to connect the rudder signal to the
Gyro input and channel 5 to connect the Gyro sensitivity input.

I hope that the pictures of this mod bellow, will be helpful to anyone
interested to proceed the same way.

Happy Flying !!!
Posted by Dimitris K | Feb 05, 2009 @ 01:56 AM | 5,530 Views
Some pictures showing how this can be done.
The modification is based on two threads, post by member EQMOD.


I also soldered two 3K6 resistors at the pads of the rudder pot,
as suggested by member "project lama", to change the linear curve
of the rudder to an S-curve one. This way the rudder becomes
less sensitive and thus more precise near the center point of the stick.

It is an easy mod, which allows to access the hidden channel 5 of the
stock TX that come with the Esky Lama or HBFP, by soldering a variable
resistor pot at certain pads of the board of this TX.

The reason I wanted to do that, was to use this extra channel to
remote control the operation mode and the sensitivity of the HH gyro
that I use in my Guru-Z FP with the Belt Tail kit.
Posted by Dimitris K | Oct 01, 2008 @ 02:40 PM | 3,296 Views
The Lama V4 and HBFP, both from E-Sky.

The Lama has some modifications like:The HoneyBee FP in this photo is the barebones kit. I had installed
only the servos, and was waiting for the 4-in-1 control unit.