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Posted by kilo2018 | Nov 10, 2009 @ 12:08 PM | 3,658 Views
I started in this Hobby in 2008 and boy am I hooked.
My first Transmitter is the Futaba 6 2.4 FASST (sold the Futaba 6 and now have the 7C) and my first aircraft was the Slow Stick Brushless and since then I have purchased 4 more Slow Sticks with many mods.

To date I have gathered the following fleet:

Slow Stick Brushless (several built and modded)
E-Flite P-38 Lightning (no longer, screwed her into the ground)
Blade CX (Totally Modded)
Blade CX2 (Stock) No longer have
Blade CP Pro2 (Sold)
Futaba 7C
Blade MCX 300 3ea (Stock)
Blade MCX (Totally Modded)
T-28 Trojan (no longer have, screwed into the ground)
CopterX 3 ea (two still in the box) (Sold)
T-34 Mentor (wonderful flying aircraft) (May she REST in PEACE)
C-160 Transall (Maiden Flight 06/20/2010 at War Birds Over the Rockies)
Blade MSR 1ea

My P-38 I screwed into the ground (cavitation problem while in a fast, steep dive).

My son crashed and destroyed my T-28 Trojan. He now flies the MCX 300 and a Slow Stick. Much tamer.

I am also considering either the SR-71 or A-10 from Banana Hobbies. Now all I need is funding from the wife. I know not to hold my breath. I have heard that the SR-71 for Banana Hobbies is very underpowered especially where I am at 6,000 feet. Is that true?

I am really enjoying this hobby especially when I can spend quality time with my son who I must add is very much so into flight. He is...Continue Reading