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Posted by bofred | Dec 02, 2013 @ 02:29 PM | 5,429 Views
Documenting my scratch build mini H quad for FPV.

I think the mini H quad was a success and want to share it if some one want some ideas for building a mini H.
My inspiration came from the Black out mini H and this discussion on RCgroups and I build it mostly out of stuff I had at home.

The carbon fiber plate on top of the quad is not needed. I use it as a floating plane on top of the frame to reduce vibrations to the camera and electronics. It is taped to the frame with two layers of double sided foam tape (fästkuddar in Swedish). See attached picture.
The credit cards are taped with double sided tape on to the two alu. rods lengthwise and screwed with plastic M3.

Dimensions Motor to motor L=142mm B=190mm
Suitable weight 400 - 500g
Consuming power in hover <100W @ 490g
Max power measured in flight 160W
Flight time with 1300mAh 3S and FPV gear = around 5min

2x200mm and 2x230mm 10x10 alu. rods.
2 or 3 old credit card shaped cards
One Carbon_Fiber_Main_Frame_Base_Plate_HK_550GT (22g)
4 x HobbyKing 12A BlueSeries reflashed with SimonK software
4 x Turnigy 2204-14 motor
4 x 5x4.5 propeller
Old multiwii basic flight controller (bougt on a hobbyKing sale)
FPV gear is my heavy (75g) removable unit for now but it should be replaced to a lighter setup and a HD camera.

The reason I didn't use the carbon base plate for the frame as well is that I wanted it to be smaller and that it actually got stiffer with aluminum rods.

I used this motors because I had a pair laying around and I know from other projects its a powerful motor.
Overkill for a 5.45 prop makes the motor regulate fast = stable flight.

For a faster flight I want to use 5x4.5 x3 props but when I had made one new motor shaft with threads to fit the three blade prop I lost my inspiration. Its bench tested with good result thou...

You also can make it lighter by making the alu rod shorter. With the carbon plate on top its not needed to use that log rods.

Happy flying
Posted by bofred | Apr 18, 2010 @ 12:00 PM | 5,924 Views
If you want cheap goggles for FPV and dont care about how it looks I can recommend to trash a pair of Trimersion 3001AD and screw it to an ordinary baseball hat. I bought it on ebay for 99$ shipping included. Works really great.

There are several mods in this forum
I took out the video board with optics, hard wired the 5V and the video signal and attached it to a baseball cap (without the cap). Very simple, lightweight and comfortable. Ugly thou... I also glued a plastic can on it to protect the electronics. This mod is about 2h work...

The 5V is made out of an Hextronik UBEC and and 2S lipo.

This picture shows how to connect the video signal and 5V. I just cut the wires of and soldered my inputs to the cables.

Posted by bofred | Jan 17, 2010 @ 04:55 AM | 11,493 Views

This is a build log over my tricopter. I call it TriBoCopter.

Weight 825g (with 2150mAh 3S)
Radius 360mm

Material used:
- Electronics
1 x Gyro Telebee Head Lock & Standard Gyro
3 x Gyro HK401B
3 x Motor hexTronik DT750 Brushless Outrunne
3 x Esc TURNIGY Plush 18amp Speed Controll
3 x Propeller GWS1147
1 x Servo Digital metal gear servo 16g/2.2kg
- Chassis
2 x Plate of 1.6mm FR4
1 x HK-T500 Landing Skid
2 x Carbon Fiber Square Tube 750x10.5mm
1 x Carbon Fiber Tube (hollow) 8x750mm
3 x Teflon tape strips (for bearings in between the 8mm CF tube and the 10x10mm tube)
3 x Home made machined motormounts (Tilted 4deg. for a level hover.)
2 x End plugs for fold able 10x10 CF parts
1 x End plug for the rudder arm (glued in the 8mm CF tube)
2 x Washer for the rudder arm
1 x Home made aluminium rudder arm
1 x Plastic washer (for distance)
1 x HK450 Canopy


First real test flight
First hover Here
CIMG6511.AVI (0 min 34 sec)

Powered up
CIMG6519.AVI (1 min 18 sec)
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