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Posted by flyinjrc74 | Oct 01, 2018 @ 01:08 AM | 28,322 Views
A lot of you know I have been in this great hobby for over 30 years now. I love flying and everything about it but recently stumbled onto some crawler videos by RC Adventures. I have had numerous r/c cars and trucks even a few boats and helicopters over the years but always stuck by flying as number 1. My issue up until now with the cars and trucks is upkeep and repairs. When they crash at 75mph they require many new parts and hours on the bench fixing it. That has kept me from getting too serious and competing at events etc... so I would buy one, do the usual and hop it up and order the necessary parts to have on hand to keep it running then eventually selling it after it sits for awhile. Then I found this crawling obsession......

I had a Bergan helicopter I wasnt flying and couldnt get sold so I traded it for some crawlers locally after watching some RC Adventure videos. I always liked off road trucks going back to when I was a kid but never built anything full scale or r/c like what I was seeing in the videos. After trading off the helicopter and obtaining my new to me trucks I started running them. After climbing rocks dirt and anything I could get traction on I was very surprised that nothing had broke and I was getting run times of 45 minutes up to over a hour per battery. Its so nice to head home knowing I only have to charge a couple batteries and I am ready to go for next time.
Most of this summer on days with crappy weather I load the kiddos up and we head out to search for next bigger and better place to run our new found love in this great r/c hobby. Im not sure who likes it more, me or them? So yes I still fly but really enjoy another part of the spectrum in this hobby crawling. Im looking forward to building my own custom one-off crawler and I assure you that I will as winter is coming and I will have lots of time to create my masterpiece. For now enjoy these pictures and I will post more as I get more familiar with crawling!
Posted by flyinjrc74 | Oct 01, 2018 @ 12:18 AM | 28,232 Views
I just wanted to show off this 96" Spook airplane. Its absolutely beautiful and flies like a dream. I watched it on craigslist for a couple months and decided to go check it out. Upon arriving at the guys house and seeing it there was no doubt she was coming home with me.
The wing is 2 piece and the tail was built to come off with 3 nylon screws. The build is absolutely awesome. You can tell it wasnt fabbed in China! It was intended for glow and since I dont mess with slimers anymore it had to be retrofitted for electric. I used a Gforce outrunner with Talon 90 esc spinning a 16x7 Xoar wood electric prop. The lipos I used are older Spyder 6s 5300 packs which if kept under 1/2 throttle flies it for over one hour. No Joke!

I put newer digital servos in it and kept the original pull-pull system in it for both directional controls. The wheels are 1/4 scale Cub wheels which helps in rough fields and taller grass. The scoop was added to the nose to route the air through cabin to cool the electronics, it escapes out the bottom forward of the gear. The plane is so much fun to fly at 1/4 throttle with full up elevator, the plane will not spin and has no bad tendancies! Enjoy~