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Posted by Chap1012 | Apr 22, 2012 @ 11:34 PM | 12,191 Views
Sometimes we all come to the horrible conclusion that your main frame is gone, FUBAR if you will. Not a big deal. Removing everything from your main frame is simple. First, take some pictures. Next, with some 1/4" hobby tape, mark each wire. Everyone has their own preference of marking, so do what's best for you to remember.

OK, everything is off the old frame, marked and pictures taken.

STOP: This is for instructions on the "stock" V4 main frame.

With the new plastic stock main frame in front of you, you'll now want to clean it up. Sand all the slag (or imperfections) smooth. Pay particular attention to a nice smooth area were the motors and servos will mount and also the underside where the motors will screw into. You may have to use an Xacto blade to the screw holes on the underside to insure they seat flush to the frame, otherwise the screw heads may hit the "B" gear. In addition to the normal preparation, I did my 4in1 (brick) reinforcement mod, that is already documented. Also as an extra, I added some J-B Weld 4 minute epoxy to the two front feet. The weakest and most vulnerable.

Contrary to many, I don't use double sided sticky tape to mount my servos. I use Gorilla Super Glue. Some on the bottom of the main frame were the servo would go,,,...position servo in place (always check for fit before CA'ing). Then another few dabs around the out side edge. Don't worry, they will pop off when the time comes. I use an Xacto...Continue Reading