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Posted by pvtzemerak | May 09, 2012 @ 10:37 PM | 4,098 Views
Hello Rcgroup'ers,
This is the build log of my Miniature Aircraft Fury 55, my first helicopter.. ever. It is also my first nitro model ever. I have about 2-3 years of Sim experience, i mastered all hovering, and flight orientations. I wanted to jump to a .50 size heli because ive been doing so much indoor flying, i miss being out on a nice summers day with a machiene that is meant for flying outdoors, unlike a foamy. Anyway, the build has been increadibly smooth with no problems. I'll edit this blog as i go along. But here is my setup:
Miniature Aircraft Fury 55 FBL kit
  • O.S .50 SX-H Hyper Engine
  • Curtis Youngblood Enterprises Mp5 50 SB muffler
  • Align DS610 servos on cyclic + Throttle
  • Outrage BL 9188HV servos on tail
  • Mikado Full size Vbar 5.2
  • Edge 603mm FBL blades.
  • Guided by Spektrum Dx8