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Posted by pvtzemerak | Aug 28, 2010 @ 09:31 AM | 6,363 Views
Hey guys,
Over the last indoor season, all i heard about was Rj's new Mx2 and how awesome it is and ect. At first, i didnt care for it. I loved my Donuts Models Sultimate more than any other foamie
So, after soo many people were suggesting me to get, i said screw it, and ordered one up for the beggining of indoor season.
As for the build, its one of the easiest foamies to build, i had no trouble putting it together.
My current setup is:
  • Hacker A10-9L swinging a GWS 8x4.3- great power combo
  • Turnigy 12A esc; made it lighter by removing covering, shortening wires
  • Futaba S3114 servos all around- amazing servos.
  • Ar6110e w/ removed case to save weight.

So as of now i got around 20 flights on it, WOW i should of bought this thing awhile ago. very precise in KE flight, yet it will preform all the manuevers you want. Rolling circles, rolling loops, blenders, KE spins (wich i LOVE), rolling harrier spins, this Mx2 can do it all!
I highly suggest if you dont have one, to get one, even two for this upcoming indoor season.

Here are some build pics & video
Fancy Foam Mx2 (4 min 17 sec)