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Posted by charosenz | Nov 09, 2013 @ 01:42 PM | 2,428 Views
To all,

Well I realized that I wanted a bigger frame than the 450mm I had, but I wanted to stay with the simplicity of only 4 motors/arms. I stumbled across some Lexan sheets at Lowes that were slightly thicker than 1/8th and were only $7 for a 8" x 10" sheet. Lexan is crystal clear and virtually indesctructible.

So I decided to create the largest frame plate I could from one sheet. Attached is the first - rough cut - plates on standard 450mm arms. It was VERY easy to build. Since I have FPV equipment, it just gives a lot more freedom to mount things where you want them and is super tough and very inexpensive and of course, if you do break it, you can do down to Lowes and get some more for a few bucks.

Also, be aware the arms come in either 2.5mm or 3.0mm threads and the 3.0mm are MUCH better. Ask before you order....

Also, UAVObjects just got in the RCT800 arms that are, of course, longer and they are only $15 a set and they are very rigid. Excellent if you want to do the same project but with larger arms.

I will be attaching more pics soon.....Charlie