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Posted by bildo baggins | May 06, 2011 @ 06:29 PM | 14,356 Views
I have been talking up Apple for a while now and so far have several iPhones in the house as well as the Apple TV which have all been absolutely flawless and I have zero regret or buyers remorse over. Since I was so impressed with these and I was having so much issue getting videos edited and published with my POS Toshiba, I snapped and pulled the trigger on a MacBook Pro 13" a week ago. After my 1st full day as a Mac user, here is my first blush at it.

The first thing I will address is build quality. To put it simply, there is none better and I challenge anyone to point it out if there is. The one piece machined case is beautiful simplicity and there is zero flex in it unless you really manhandle the pooh out of it. The keyboard is easily one of the best I've used on a laptop, is laid out very well and is backlit nicely. I may be in the dark about a back space key but it is labeled "delete" and performs as one. Don't know where the traditional delete is or if there even is one. The touch pad is huge which is a good thing but I generally dislike touch pads and use a mouse unless in a pinch. It is also different in that the pad is your button and is tactile with a discernible click as opposed to touch or tap sensitive. No left and right click stuff but the USB mouse does. Also no more cursor jumping around and me typing something in the middle of my document because my big ape thumb accidentally tapped the pad. The display hinge feels sturdy and when opening...Continue Reading