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Posted by Naval Warfare | Dec 11, 2010 @ 10:59 PM | 6,361 Views
Due to the added weight (5.5AUW)of custom painted livery, lights, and retractable gear, my E-flite B-777 Super air liner was just too fast. My servoless retracts, while very scale, moved too slow for me to see it completely cycle before it was out of sight, and unless I had a straight on headwind, landings could be real hot.So after a lot of thought, and some great assistance from fellow RCG members, I finally devised a nicely "functioning" set of flaps. I can now cruise around at just below 1/2 throttle, whereas before, 3/4 was the minimum.
What a difference. Now I gotta work on me landings
Many thanks to ALA722 for his fantastic help and support.

B-777 RC Flap tests (1 min 55 sec)