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Posted by hoffboy | Mar 01, 2009 @ 02:14 PM | 5,294 Views
Finally completed my EVA Sport after a LONG winter build. Flies like a DREAM. She's powered by an E-flite Park 400 spinning a 10x7 prop with 1300mAh 3S FMA LiPo. A 9 minute flight yesterday at half throttle took the pack down about half way, so I'd say she's quite efficient. WOT gives verticals of about 100 feet before stall. I've never exceeded 12 amps through the Castle 18 amp speed controller, so I think this power system is a keeper. She's VERY snappy, flies inverted hands off, and is generally just a super great sport plane...goes right where I point her and stays there awaiting further instruction. One warning for those considering this plane...she's a REAL floater. I use low rates on the elevator to help bring her down, but so far I need about three passes to get her low enough. She just wants to fly and fly and fly! A very small touch of throttle to minimize autbraking, a hair of elevator, and you can grease it no problem. Just takes practice and a delicate hand.

Here's a couple of pics. Note the fogged up canopy, which is what happens if your kid's black paint is slow to dry and you get in a hurry to fly...but I'm sure I'm the only one who has ever jumped the gun to get in the air .

EDIT: I've had a couple of questions about the covering. It's Rit-dyed silkspan with Minwax Polycrylic (three coats, lightly sanded between applications.) The white (actually off white, but this photo is blown out) is rattle can Krylon over the silkspan. Cowl was just painted naked with no primer, three coats.