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Posted by hoffboy | Apr 30, 2008 @ 10:31 PM | 5,872 Views
Well, here's pretty much the "final" Cub all dolled up and ready for her third maiden flight. I know there's only supposed to be one "maiden" but I count flights after structural changes as essentially maidens if there's significant risk involved. Here's how the first flights shake out:
  1. Original build with ailerons--flew great but was tail heavy. My heart was POUNDING on takeoff!
  2. Removed wing struts and installed carbon fiber rods on top and bottom of wing--flew REALLY great, but still tail heavy (compensated with three quarters taped in cowl). My kid said, "Dad, it looks like you're tying knots in the sky!"
  3. Painted, pinstriped, and forward fuse wall battery mount reduced to push battery weight forward. She's STILL tail heavy, so the three quarters are back in the cowl--hope to "maiden" her tomorrow. Stand by for a flight report.
UPDATE Flew three times today:
  1. Sunrise: (photo) Gorgeous morning, but Cub was very touchy. Thought I could avoid exponential and dual rates, but I was wrong.
  2. Lunch: Programmed in dual rates and exponential. Flew on soft setting and had MUCH more discreet control, smoother landings, better low speed stability.
  3. Evening: Two quick flights (two batteries) with very good control and one picture perfect landing.
Summary: I'M HAPPY! (now time to rig up the camera and floats!)