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Posted by Speeding | Jul 22, 2010 @ 07:40 AM | 2,280 Views
if anyone has a crrc pro gf.26iv2 could you please help.

i can not get the thing started.
i am using a 25 to 1 fuel mix with a four cell 4.8v battery back.
i have it on a jig and can get it to fire over but not run

any suggestions in a starting procedure or needle settings would be greatly appreciated

Posted by Speeding | Jul 18, 2010 @ 04:39 PM | 1,611 Views
Evening all,
I need some help if there is anyone out there willing?

I have just been bought myt first petrol engine for my birthday 17/07/10 (love that girlfriend).
Its a crrc-pro gf26iv2

I have been hunting around trying to find a good start up routine for it and details on the carp and settings.

I have managed to get it started once on the bench and ran in for 5 mins at idle but now i cant get it going. I have not touched the needles at all so far as i read it would start well on the factory settings

Im running it on 25 to 1 mix and using a 4 cell 4.8v 700mah battery pack.
I had to open the throttle half full which meant the choke was off in order to get it started.
(only started by hand so far)

Can anyone educate me on how to start these engines and when i should be using the choke?

Im fairly well versed with glow engines but this is all new to me