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Posted by Minibichus | Apr 07, 2010 @ 11:48 PM | 10,927 Views
== UPDATE: June-10th-2010

The SK-720 is finally installed and tested. It is a great piece of hardware for sure. It is noticeable better than the SK360/Spartan combo it replaces. This weekend if weather holds I'll film a video and lose the X in its name. This will probably be the last entry in the xMB-8 blog since it is no longer a prototype which needs fixing, tuning or new components to fly.


== UPDATE: June-6th-2010

The new components for the xMB-8 have been steadily arriving. By the end of this coming week it should be ready to lose the X and be called as the MB-8. The new SK-720 will be at the heart of the 8th generation, replacing the true and tested SK-360/Spartan combo that powers the two previous generations. A new DELight controller has arrived but it was DOA so I'll have to wait to get a new one.


== UPDATE: May-13th-2010

This is how I hinged the grips on the Century Diamond rotorhead.


== UPDATE: May-12th-2010

Even after the rebalacing of blades, the vibrations kept coming, which made me wonder why I am havng vibrations on a perfectly tracked head (used a laser guide this time) and blades that are balanced to 1/100th of a gram with less than 1 mm CoG difference... so I grounded the xMB-8 for three days to track down where the vibrations were coming from in its airframe form before sticking it back inside the fuselage.

Turns out that the root of the problem was a...Continue Reading
Posted by Minibichus | Apr 07, 2010 @ 02:02 PM | 8,773 Views
== UPDATE Aug-23-2010

The wait is over. The MB-6E took back to the skies on the night of August 22. It still needs some work and probably new blades (as these scale blades for 450 are not that great in the flying department) but it flies. Batteries are officially done too, with over 8.0 mOhms internal resistance after 10 months without being used they barely keep the charge above half capacity now. So it is time to buy new batteries as well. The 6E model for now is a stripped down version of the mighty 6D, no lights, no accessories and lightened. It retains the Spartan/SK-360 configuration but it goes back to the HS-65MG servos used in the early 6A model after 1 year and a 3 model run using the crappy DS410M Align Digitals ... what a joke of a servo.

I am planning for a full return of the MB-6E to the flight time race within the next few weeks, because after finishing the MB-8 (and almost killing my wallet on the process) the budget for helis is now as close to zero as its ever been.

== UPDATE May-26-2010

Looks like the MB-6E will become operational again. Estimated time now will be around the first week of June.


After a few months of mostly flying the MB-7/UAV, I decided it was time to say farewell to my 450 class scale adventure. It was a hard decision for me to make but I've chosen to decomission the MB-6E to redirect funds and certain components to future projects. The MB-6E was going to be a striped down version of the 6D, lightened and equipped...Continue Reading