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Posted by Minibichus | Dec 15, 2009 @ 02:04 AM | 10,159 Views
== UPDATE: Apr-4-10

The MB-7/UAV has been flying uninterruptedly and without a hitch since the last update in Dec-31st. No crashes to report to date (knock on wood) and it hasn't required any repairs or maintenance either (more knock on wood). I am extremely pleased with its outstanding reliability and flight characteristics. After flying the MB-7 for this long I can safely say that it has outperformed and outlasted, by an ample margin, the 6th generation series in pretty much every department.

I foresee a long operational life in the MB-7/UAV future, much like its smaller sibling the MB-3.

The MB-7/UAV is now scheduled to participate at the Orlando TORCHS funfly in May 1st.

See you there.


== UPDATE: Dec-31-09

One last update for the last day of the year. The MB-7/UAV new video TX got lost in the mail, not sure when I'll get it, or if I'll get it but I had time to work on the turret mechanics and the turret now rotates with the camera inside. I did some weathering, added grilles, started doing all the rivet work and replaced the DELight controller with the one from the MB-6D which got one that was damaged from the 7 so now the front light works and can act as a landing light as well.

Added a video of the turret rotation.


== UPDATE: Dec-20-09

Got to spend some time flying at the field this afternoon and after some modifications I got the OSD/GPS mostly dialed in. I did record a 34 minute session on the TX since first spool up using the...Continue Reading