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Posted by Minibichus | Nov 25, 2009 @ 01:33 PM | 12,596 Views
Around early July 2009, just about the same time the MB-6C's ongoing initial flights I decided it was the time to start planning for the next MB generation helicopter. The 7th generation is the most ambitious, most formidable and most expensive MB helicopter I've built to date.

After nearly 4 months in the works, the XMB-7 took off to the skyes on the night of November the 25th of 2009 at 3:34AM. A short first flight for doing systems check, calibration and tuning but the first flight nonetheless, the first of the many more to come.




** UPDATE: Nov-26-09

Added a pic of the XMB-7 right next to its smaller twin: the MB-6D.

** UPDATE: Nov-28-09

New pic of the XMB-7 right next to the MB-3, with the Helicommand module.

** UPTATE: Dec-01-09

Finally got around to edit the maiden flight video from the camera.

** UPDATE: Dec-07-09

Last week before the Orlando helicopter funfly. Everything is coming along quite nicely. The only thing left is the stabilization system and it will be ready to lose the X.
More pictures with the new scale blades from Smartmodel. Very nice I have to say.

** UPDATE: Dec-09-09

Well, I had to sell the Helicommand Rigid so I settled for a more familiar approach based on the success of the 6 series setup: The XMB-7 will initally use an SK-360 coupled with one of these new Spartan Quark tail gyros.

** UPDATE: Dec-10-09

Installed the SK-360 and the new Quark and all I can say is WOW, it flies beyond awesome. I just need to acquire some extra packs tomorrow at the LHS and it should be ready to go for this Saturday.

** UPDATE: Dec-15-09

The Orlando funfly is finally behind and the MB-7 finally lost the X.

XMB-7 (maiden flight ) Hughes 500D TOW Defender (1 min 15 sec)