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Posted by Minibichus | Jun 16, 2009 @ 03:05 PM | 11,741 Views
*UPDATE* (sep-3-2009)
This is it: the MB-6C/UAV model is now complete and flight tested. First flight was recorded on camera and it will be available shortly. It was really fun. Now I'll have to re-learn how to fly the thing from the camera view.

*UPDATE* (sep-2-2009)
Video camera arrived yesterday with the wide angle lens and today all the A/V equipment is installed and tested OK. At this point, the heli only needs to be put back together for a maiden UAV flight, most likely this afternoon. The entire video system added roughly 90 grams which will probably reduce the flight time by a bit, but not worried about it.
Which OSD to go with is still in the air, or at least, for now, that is. I have to say that I am quite happy to have working video/audio links on the heli. I can't wait to see the area from the air!

*UPDATE* (aug-29-2009)
Well, its almost done. I didn't get the camera yet but the video is all installed and all cables and gear is in, awaiting for the camera I just need to solder a couple more cables and this should be good to go! Audio is already hooked up and tested, I just need the video to complete the job.

*UPDATE* (aug-27-2009)
After almost 1 month on vacation, I am back into it. The UAV project should be coming together real soon. The camera its been ordered already, so it should arrive in the mail any day now. The MB-6C is completely apart right now, awaiting for all the video equipment to go in. I might have the 1st UAV video this weekend......Continue Reading
Posted by Minibichus | Jun 07, 2009 @ 10:09 PM | 11,585 Views
Well, its finally here, after 8 months in the making, lots of changes, dozens of different configurations, huge setbacks like the one during the Orlando Funfly, the latest revision model, the MB-6B has successfully gone through the most gruesome flight testing program I've ever done to any of my helicopters before.
The newest MB-6B offers excellent flight characteristics which allow it to excel at a wide range of maneuvers, from the relaxing hover and slow cruising around the backyard to the to heart pounding aerobatics at the flying field. All this with average flight times of around 16 minutes, so chances are you'll get bored before the batteries are done.

There are substantial changes between the MB-6A and the MB-6B. Some of those changes are a quad tail rotor and upgraded electronics, amongst others. I also tweaked the SK-360 settings further and for the 1st time ever it uses my own tail gyro settings (I was using Bert Kammerer's 3D settings for the tail gyro since the numeral MB-6 was originally meant to become a TREX500 for 3D, not a scale 450!).

Tail rotor reliability factor has been drastically improved with the revised tail setup. Most likely a 100% reliability factor as no failures ever happened during the exhaustive and gruesome testing in crosswinds (what ruined the tail of the MB-6A) and several complete packs doing hard piros left and right. Since I didn't want any ugly surprises like the MB-6A fiasco, this time I've flight tested it to destruction.

Video is finally uploaded to Youtube since back in 2009 didn't allow for videos longer than 10 minutes...

MB-6B Flight endurance demonstration 16 minutes. (16 min 9 sec)

Here is the picture of the MB-6B