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Posted by Minibichus | May 14, 2009 @ 01:10 PM | 11,400 Views
After a catastrophic blade grip failure (blade grip/blade shooted out of the helicopter) the original MB-6 fuselage was damaged beyond my repairing skills so the spare fuselage I had needed to be put into active service.

The MB-6A shares a lot of components from the original MB-6 but there are a few new things, amongst these upgrades are:

-new Align TOW Defender fuselage.
-new CF main blades.
-updated SK-360 settings for CF blades.
-added a feathering bolt locking mechanism (prevent blades from flying off)
-stubbier and slightly wider landing gear than the original MB-6.
-navi lights now on the landing skids (vs. under the doors on the MB-6)
-improved location of electronics and sensor arrays. RPM sensors, light controllers...
-different olive drab color scheme vs. the original MB-6's medium field green.
-interior cockpit is now painted flat grey vs. unpainted on the MB-6


MB-6A Hughes 500MD TOW Defender (3 min 18 sec)

Here are some pics of the MB-6A Let me know what you guys think.