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Posted by Minibichus | Sep 19, 2008 @ 04:24 PM | 12,629 Views

After waiting for the pre-order to arrive, the new MB-4 is an SJM180(215) While the MB-3 remains intact and fully operational, the MB-4 is the prefered flying heli for now.

The MB-4 builds based on the experience with the components on the MB-3, so MB-3 and MB-4 are pretty much identical helicopters as far as electronics go but different frame architecture/size.

Here is the MB-4 latest configuration.

MB - 4

- SJM180(215) Frame.
- Widened stock landing gear.
- Blade CP paddles and longer flybar.
- Spartan DS760 Gyro & Hyperion DS09GMD servo.
- Kontronik Jazz 40A ESC.
- Scorpion HK2208-28 motor.
- Pinion 9T.
- 3x Hyperion DS09SCD servos for cyclic.
- AR6100 Rx.
- T.P. 1320 3S Prolite packs.
- Outrage XP 800mAh 4S packs.
- CF main blades.