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Posted by Minibichus | Jul 21, 2008 @ 11:44 PM | 13,255 Views
UPDATE: MB-3 still fully operational. Replaced all the analog HS65MG servos with Hyperion Atlas DS09SCD and DS09GMD for tail.

**More updates coming!.
The MB-3 has undergone a few more mods in order to achieve a 21:42 minute flight time on 1 pack. I am using a hybrid configuration running 3S and 4S packs depending on what I feel like. I use the 3S mostly for practice and the 4S for going all out.

Here is the MB-3 latest configuration.

MB - 3

- RCT-450 Skyshark.
- Spartan DS760 Gyro & Hyperion DS09 GMD
- Kontronik Jazz 40A ESC.
- Scorpion HK-2213-16 motor w/ Ceramic Bearings.
- Rhino Hardened Steel Pinion 11T.
- Align CF Tail Boom.
- TREX 1-piece ball links/ball joints.
- New Align TREX450 PRO Tail blades.
- Mavrikk Tail Belt.
- BEAM E4 Washout Base
- BEAM E4 pitch slider.
- BEAM E4 Tail case.
- BEAM E4 Swash plate.
- Microheli V2 Washout Arms.
- Microheli Titanium Tail Shaft.
- Microheli Front Shaft & Belt Pulley.
- Ceramic Boca Bearings all around.
- Trueblood red V1 dampeners.
- 3x DS09SCD Cyclic servos.
- AR6100 Rx.
- T.P. 2200 3S Extreme V2 packs. => Flies for 15 minutes.
- T.P. 2100 4S Prolite packs. ==> Flies for 18 minutes....Continue Reading