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Posted by Minibichus | May 29, 2008 @ 04:57 PM | 13,065 Views
* UPDATE 06/Jun/2008

Since I didn't really own the MB-2, I knew that at some point it had to go so I decomissioned the MB-2 the 23rd of May 2008 in favor of the newest MB-3.

MB-3 is basically an RCT-450 Skyshark with some upgraded stuff but there was no real need to change anything as the heli flew great out of the box.

The mods are:
-Align Carbon Fiber tail boom
-Align 1-piece ball links/ball joints.
-Align Real Carbon Fiber tail rotor blades.
*-Align tail rotor belt.
*-Kontronik Jazz 40 amp ESC.


Posted by Minibichus | May 08, 2008 @ 05:11 PM | 13,457 Views

After the short success of the MB-1 I decided to decomision it and move onto something bigger and better.
The chosen candidate for this was an Axe CP that my friend had collecting dust on his garage.

Th Axe helicopter airframe provided a robust platform and a true 120 degree eCCPM setup. The only drawback of this helicopter was the FP tail that required constant attention and it wasn't very good. We set out to change that and the XMB-2 was born.

The XMB-2 received its final MB-2 designation on May 6th, 2008 when it was officially found to be an airworthy helicopter when it hovered perfectly straight in >15 mph crosswinds.

Here is what the MB-2 is made out of:

-Axe CP unibody frame with battery tray setup identical to TRex450 style.
Main rotor:
-Microheli CNC center hub. silver.
-Microheli CNC flybar assembly. silver.
-Microheli CNC swash plate. silver.
-Heli-Maxx bell-hiller upgrade. de-anodized.
-Microheli 250mm carbon fiber blades.
-Replaced bushings with solid aluminum collars.
-Carbon fiber tube, enlarged 1/2 inch over the stock purple boom.
-T-Rex 450 boom support and horizontal stabilizer.
Tail rotor:
-T-Rex 450 variable pitch tail system driven by a brushless motor.
-T-Rex carbon fiber tail blades.
-T-Rex silver carbon fiber vertical fin.
-Spektrum AR6100.
-Spektrum DX7.
Main motor/ESC:
-HiMaxx 2025-4200KV brushless motor.
-E-Flite 20amp BL-ESC.
-12T pinion.
Tail motor/ESC:
-Medusa Afterburner 12x30mm 5300KV brushless motor.
-E-Flite 10amp BL-ESC.
Cyclic servos:
-3x Hitec HS-65HB
Gyro/Tail servo.
-Logictech 2100T gyro.
-Logictech 3100G tail servo.
-ESky servo tester to adjust gyro gain thus freeing the gear channel.
-2x ThunderPower 1320 mAh packs.
Landing gear:
-Axe CP braces widened and color dyed in silver.
Navigation lights:
-MPI lightweight LED kit.

The final configuration with the 2025-4200 kV motor is awesome for scale flight and for serious 3D aerobatics.