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Posted by gke | Nov 28, 2017 @ 02:29 AM | 1,818 Views
My Nano Talon arrived with a number of problems. Banggood has, after some correspondence, agreed to a refund of $40 or send a replacement wing set. I have zero confidence that a replacement wing set, in the typical packaging for single items, would arrive undamaged in the 2017 Christmas rush and so opted for the refund.

The Talon, although having some interesting design features, is an expensive model by today's standards and I agree with these price points as being more rational:


The faults and fixes so far:
  • the black foam impact resistant (much like the S800 Sky Shadow which you could hammer nails in with) but the white foam comprising 75% of the aircraft breaks quite easily.
  • The right wing latch was installed back to front.
  • The aileron torsion drivers bind overloading the servo and thus prevent the ailerons returning reliably to neutral - fixed use silicon or teflon lubricant.
  • The wing spar boxes in fuselage were not glued and resulted in the end plate tearing out of the fuselage - fixed by gluing the components together.
  • More seriously one wing is bent and has a wash-in twist and the other wing has a twisted aileron - boiling water perhaps or a diagonal slice in the wing undersurface and re-glue.

Other fixes/suggestions:
  • Tape the underside of fuselage to reduce rash to the weak white foam.
  • Tape over the fuselage wing end plates.
  • The square tube wing spars could have a CF rod inserted in the round centre hole to prevent crushing breakages at the wing boxes.

The stabiliser has an Arm processor and oh so easily could have been iNav/Betaflight capable giving it a marketing edge. It also does not support CPPM or SBus, both trivial additions. As it is I will be using a UAVXArm board.